Whole 30: The Results Are In

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by Laura

This real life food experiment is totes legit.  When I heard that several of my friends were going to be doing Whole 30 in January, I googled the site, saw what the “rules” were and decided that it would be a great way to get rid of some of the un-healthy eating habits that had crept into our family the last year.

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I didn’t intend to lose any weight, although I thought it might be nice.  I just wanted a habit breaker, some new healthy recipes, and wanted to see what kind of a difference healthy eating would have on me.

Week One: My bloating went away. (Hey Laura! Your tummy cupcake was just gas and water). Inflammatory pain in my wrist and back was outta here. And, as I shared in earlier posts, the increased energy was a GAME CHANGER.

Week Two: I was impressed with how my psychological response to food was improving.  My cravings were pretty much gone and my food was my fuel.

Week Three: Learning the difference between how I craved food or how I was hungry for food was amazing.

Week Four: A new normal? This past week I no longer have to remind myself to NOT pour a glass of milk with dinner, to NOT make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, or that dinner was my last eat for the night.  New habits, new meals, and a new me are here to stay.

My top 10 Whole 30 Benefits

  1.  Energy
  2. Mentally attuned
  3. Inflammation and Bloating significantly decreased
  4. Skin, Hair and Nails healthywhole 30 skin
  5. Intestinal/Gas improved
  6. Kid’s Behavior
  7. Fatigue gone
  8. No longer craving/food habit dependent
  9. PMS symptoms
  10. Yes, I did lose weight.  I lost 9 pounds.

Our family has come up with a system to incorporate Whole 30 into a more realistic plan, (I’ll share it soon).  But, I am committed to keeping my food intake as close as possible to the Whole 30 perimeters.

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If you are thinking about doing Whole 30, find a friend, make a plan, do a little research and join me!

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