Whole 30 Days 8-15:Skinny and the Skin

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by Laura

Lemme tell you about my W30 week.  Mmmmk?  People, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.  I’m like a Whole 30 Evangelist!  I want to tell everyone about it! My sister and I were texting and it was getting ridiculous how passionate I was about the benefits.  She was joking that I sounded like someone who is always posting about their “product” or new fitness drink or whatever.  The weird thing is, I kind of feel like that, but it’s just food, and the results are not through any good marketing scheme or fancy breakfast blendo-matic, or anything.  I think my Mom and college aged sister might even try it.

I still have the “Tiger Blood”.  This is W30 lingo for amazon warrior energy.  You guys, I can do the dishes SO FAST.  Lol.  It’s like my blood pumps faster, my brain thinks quicker, my body moves well.  Speaking of my body.  Hello small tummy!  Haven’t seen you since my last running kick.  I wore a ring to church and normally put it on my middle finger and it fell right off so I moved it to Mr. Pointer.  I could tell that the bloating, inflammation, etc. was gone, and MAYBE have lost a 1/2 bra size, but didn’t really think serious weight was coming off.  Hey, I eat like it’s my last meal-every meal.  PASS THE ZOODLES!


My skin, oh, my skin.  It hasn’t been this clear since I was 12?  Jr. High and High School were an UNKIND period of my complexion life.  I do not exaggerate to you, I had acne up-down-all-around.  It was awful, like, block all memories from that time period awful.  So, I started wearing make-up.  LOTS of makeup to help cover it.  First summer before college my hormones flipped and my skin became more normalized.  But, there were three days this week that I thought, I don’t even need to wear concealer/foundation.  I have baby butt soft skin.


I’m getting better about knowing what to plan to eat, how much it’s going to cost, how much time it’s going to take me to make it, and what recipes are going to be good, (fill me up), and what is just fluff and leaves me hungry.  It’s been a learning process there.

The library has been such a great resource.  They have tons of cook books for Whole 30 recipes.  I’m loving it.  My favorite so far is a Paleo cook book, Against All Grain.

I’m know I won’t ever go back to “before” because there have been SO many positives! I don’t want to go back to all the negatives from life before W30.  I’ve started to come up with a vision and plan for “real life” after this.  Excited to share along the way!

If you want to hear about more of my Whole 30 Journey click to read: about day one.  about day two.  about days 3-7.

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