Whole 30 Days 3-7: Eat, Energy, Relief, Repeat.

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by Laura

Have you ever wondered if your new fun habits are only fun because they are new?  What happens when the newness wears off?  In the past, I would have a running goal-ran three days in a row, then bye-bye running.  “New hairstyles every Saturday!”, I said-lasted a few weeks.  I know what it feels like when the steam goes out of the engine and it feels normal, it doesn’t feel fun anymore, and life settles back in.

I was so nervous, that all the positives from Whole 30, all the adrenaline and excitement would leave; that I would somehow decide it wasn’t worth it, that a glass of milk, (my biggest craving-of all the things in the whole wide world) couldn’t wait any longer and poof it would be over.

It didn’t happen.

When you take a very tired mama, who finds it hard to think straight or well, who might have lost some joy in doing the things she chose to do, who stopped taking care of her own body, who no longer likes what the stomach in the mirror reflects and changes all of that, I’m sorry, but this is not a phase, this is a relief.

A relief to me to know that I don’t and didn’t have to be so tired as a parent, a relief to know I can think with clarity, with quickness, and with delight all day long, a relief to know that my stomach was that way because of my food choices.

Can I tell you something honest?  I feel better than I have in two years.  Long time, long time.

2016-01-09 17.42.46-2

These 7 days I might not have enjoyed every meal I made, I might not have enjoyed the extra 100.00 I spent on food, I might not have enjoyed the extra dishes that were on the counters needing hand washed.

Here’s what I did enjoy:

  1. Made new recipes to tweak and insert into our cook book so that after Whole 30, we can keep on going.
  2. Had enough energy that naps were not a necessity and I could enjoy my time while the kids were asleep/schooling.
  3. Mentally awake, clear, and engaged.
  4. Energy to play with the kids from the time I wake up, until bed time.
  5. Energy to converse and love my husband with quality Laura, not tired complaining Laura.
  6. Clean teeth-hey, when you don’t eat sugar and whatever, you basically have the cleanest teeth and breath ever.
  7. Telling other people how amazing I was feeling.
  8. Feeling guilt free about every food that entered my body.
  9. My skin purging the yuck yuck.

I will eat whole foods, because they give me energy.  I will repeat it every day for this Whole 30 program, and I will have relief from the consequences of my old eating habits.  2016-01-08 06.44.05-2


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