Whole 30 Day 2:Food is Fuel

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by Laura

Day Two

I did not push my snooze button.  Did you hear me?  I didn’t do it.  I woke up feeling rested. WHAT THE HECK.  I did not peek one eye at my alarm and think, “maybe I’ll just sleep until the kids wake up today”.  Our of bed I came, and I was smiling my face off as I headed off to shower.  My stomach had already lost much of the bloating, and I saw that some redness in my face had gone down.  Day two people.  What kind of miracle is happening to my body?

2015-12-07 12.53.10

Fast-forward to the afternoon.  Dropped Eva at pre-school and put Malachi down for a nap, and you know what time it is? COUCH NAP TIME!  Pretty much every day, at this time I am dragging and my energy is so low that the only way I can parent and dinner cook my way through the last few hours is to take the rescue nap.

I bounced down the stairs, (no day two headache in site) and just bounced right past that nap couch.  I was like the homemaker terminator; doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, ironing Eric’s shirts, getting some correspondence out.  Not a tired bone in my body.  My mind was clear and my body felt so alive.

All day long my strength didn’t wain, even when it was bedtime and I normally feel like I’m going to collapse, I had so much fun putting the kids to bed, coming up with made up stories in the dark snuggle times, and ready to keep working after their bedtime.

Day Two Lesson: Food is Fuel

Food was giving me energy, food was not making me feel stuffed, uncomfortable, nap happy, depressed, slow, or lethargic.  Food was fueling my activity.  Tired mommy, tired wife, tired friend, tired housekeeper was not in our home today.  Could I get to day three without needing a nap?  Was I just running on adrenaline and excitement?  I was ready to see what this week would show.



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