Whole 30. Beginning Anthem.

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by Laura

You guys, Whole 30 is changing my life and I didn’t even know it was going to.

Back Story: I have been skinny my whole life.  I know some of you already hate that, but I didn’t choose to be that way so ACCEPT ME.  It comes down to mostly great genes and then being active.  As a youngster I did dance, and color guard, (the flags-you know, marching band).  Grew up, and picked up running when the hubby was on deployment number one, did P90X when we were stationed in Turkey because I was bored, and after I had kids I was disciplined about running or P90X to get my body back in shape. As soon as post baby body was gone, I was like hasta la vista workout. So, nothing major here guys, you would not classify me as a gym rat, just luckily thin.  And, never have I ever dieted.

new 192

Recently, (when you’re pushing mid thirties recently means the last two years).  I’ve noticed some changes.  I’m tired, (nap almost every day), my weight is creeping up slowly,  muscle mass is waving flabby armed goodbyes, and more and more unhealthy food choices have a new place in the pantry.

So when a blogging friend posted on Facebook that she was starting a support group for Whole 30 people starting in January, I saw what you had to do, saw that she already made up ALL THE MEAL PLANS, recipes etc. I was like, sure, I can do this.  My goal-reset the addiction to sugar, see if I’d have more energy, and lose weight.

So, I made up my grocery list, decided that I would start on the first Sunday of January. I wanted time to prep food and shop as slowly as I needed on Saturday, and not be too scared to do it come Monday.

The shopping list was heavy with produce and I had to read every single label, stop and google, “is ________ whole30 approved?” a few times, but got all the groceries in the car and felt like a champion.  For the first time in forever, the only things that filled up the cart were good for me.  SO WEIRD.

Now, to be honest, the money I spent making this dream a reality was a little cray-cray.  But, I had to remember, some of them were staples that would last me through the month, and I wasn’t paying for a gym membership, or food addiction therapy, so I felt ok with that.

I went to bed Saturday giddy for what was to come, and I didn’t even know the impact that even ONE day would have on me.


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