Top 10 Things to know before starting Whole 30

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by Laura

I couldn’t believe that as my Whole 30 was ending several of my friends were inspired to start in February.  Making a quick list of things they’d want to know before they jumped off the diving board, I give you…

10 things to know before you Whole 30

1. There needs to be some preparation involved. Make sure you know WHAT whole 30 is, what the “rules” are…You can go to their website, pick up their recipe book with their philosophy in the beginning, or buy their book, “It Starts with Food“. Their writing is very easy to read and humorous so it makes it fun.

2. Your first shopping trip might be a WOAH to your budget so if you can, try to purchase some of the ‘staples” before week one. Ie. coconut oil, almond flour, ghee, and then things to save your life: crock pot liners, parchment paper and lots of ziplock bags for snacks.

2016-01-09 21.37.12

3. Join a whole 30 community. This was SO encouraging to me. My friend Tracy has a blog and a whole 30 Facebook group for people starting up again in Feb, and for those of us who are continuing.

4. If you aren’t used to planning out your weekly meals GET READY. You can do it. Sit down at the computer with a few helpful sites open in front of you. Stay fit Mom blog has an entire meal plan you can look at for the whole month.

I planned out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for one whole week, and then wrote out my grocery list at the same time. I taped my plan to a kitchen cupboard and printed out EVERY recipe that I would use so I wouldn’t have to rush to the printer every time I needed to make a meal.

5. Grocery shop all at once, on a day where you have some time. I hit up three grocery stores to save money and find compliant items, I googled “What does coconut flour look like” while I was at the store and other things I was clueless about. A friend of mine just got a babysitter so she could go to the store and bring her brain with her.  GENIUS.

6. If you have time to prep do it! Cut veggies for the whole week, mix up burgers/meatloafs…and freeze until you need them, make a whole batch of homemade lara bars etc, this will help cut down on the dishes and work when you’re tired. Also, try to do your dinner prep in the morning so that you don’t psych yourself out when 4:00 comes around.

2016-01-07 18.31.26

7. Plan a couple emergency meals. Either you’re exhausted, or life ran you over and there’s no time to make the 3 hour meatloaf you planned, have a quick meal ready in your arsenal. Turkey and Ham lettuce wraps, bacon and buttered green beans, compliant hot dogs…You can do it. On day 9 or 10 plan a Chipotle dinner.  You can have lettuce, carnitas, pico and guac and you will think it’s the most wonderful thing ever to not have to cook.

8. When you eat, you’ll need to eat more than you are used to. Remember you subtracted grains, dairy and legumes so you’ll need to make up for it or you will be hungry and want to quit! Don’t fill your plate with foods that aren’t filling-cucumber for your vegetable is NOT going to help you.

9. Take before measurements before hand. Trust me, if you don’t write it down you won’t remember. Then put away the scale for the rest of the whole 30. Take pictures too if you’re into that sort of thing.

2015-12-30 11.45.29

10.  Think through what the other people in your house need.  Kids and Husband at my house ate what I ate.  AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE MEAL!!!!!  For the kids I added in their whole milk, yogurt, some string cheese for dairy, and then sometimes a little bread or tortilla, rice, oatmeal for breakfast…you get it.

I wish you the very best on your Whole 30 Journey!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to know before starting Whole 30

  1. Stephanie

    Thanks for the Chipotle tip! I read that day 10-12 is when most people quit, so day 10 sounds like the perfect day to eat out! Day 5 here and going strong!


      Yes! A visit to Chipotle will help morale during those hard days. You won’t believe how good it tastes. I think the Izzy’s there are compliant too!

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