Getting Ready with Angela and Laura: Our Current Favorites

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by Angela and Laura

Hey Friends!  Time to do another top 10 favorites!  In no particular order here we go.

ONE: Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

Mary Kay Msacara

Angela: Just started using this Brand New Mascara and it didn’t disappoint. It has two parts on the brush. A shorter brush to get the base of the upper lashes that I also use that part on my lower lash line. And a longer part of the brush to give length to lashes. The mascara itself is a nice thickness and I have had no clumping when applying. For everyday wear I am happy with one application.

Mascara before and after 3

If I need to touch up later in the day or want a thicker, fuller lash look several applications easily achieve that look. If you need a Mary Kay Lady, comment on our blog and we will get your in touch with one of our Delightful Mary Kay friends!

TWO: Mary Kay Eye Primer

eye primer

Laura: No, we aren’t a Mary Kay commercial, but these first two products have us emoji fist-pounding our favorite Mary Kay ladies.  This eye primer has been an awesome addition to my morning routine.  A rainbow sprinkle amount will cover both eye lids, and your eye shadow will not crease at all that day.  

THREE: Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Angela: My daughter Rachel introduced me to this dry shampoo and it’s the best I have ever used! It is a light spray and gives my second day or sometimes third day from washing, just the update I need to get me through.  If I need some texture on the day I wash my hair this does the job. It has a good scent, (several options to choose from). There is also a spray that is a darker color for dark brown hair. The best price we have seen to buy it is TJ Maxx, (who knew?) or you can find it here.

FOUR: Maskcara Cream Blush

liquid blush

Laura: Cream blush?  Who knew.  I am loving this blush.  The color looked SO intimidating on my Casper the Friendly Ghost skin, but one quick dot on each cheek and a quick stipple with my brush gave me some sweet cheeks. It is super pigmented so it is going to last me a very.long.time. Now sold in tins, and with six different colors to choose from so I don’t think you can go wrong here.  

FIVE: Maskcara Cosmetics Pallet

Maskcara pallet

Angela: Laura introduced me to Maskara because appearantly I need referrals for all my beauty products. I am one who finds something and then just uses the products as I am a bit scared to try something new. Right around my 40th birthday, Laura sent me links to Masckara Website and her how to video’s. It was just the new update that I needed with turning 40.   I started drawing in my eyebrows and shading under neath my lower lip and this whole contour and highlight- it was all new for me. I was at a weekend training with my Premier Designs Business and my roommates were asking me what I was doing for my make- up routine! That is a FIRST!!!  So I highly recommend the contour and highlight pallet. My favorite might be the Illuminator, (2nd one over next to blush). I use it in the inner corner of my eyes, just above my check bone and right under my brow. I feel like it just really makes me look more awake and refreshed. And when I need to touch up in the day the Illuminator is my go to!

SIX: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

eye pencil

Laura: I haven’t ever used anything NYX before, but these next two products have been a home run hit!  I can find them quick, and on amazon because I don’t have a lot of shopping time these days.  This pencil looks SO strange, and believe me, I thought so too.  This is not an every day use product for me, but definitely on date nights, and for pictures I am LOVING this.  I use it in my tear line to make my eyes appear bigger and brighter, and I use it right under my eyebrows to highlight that area and increase separation from eyebrow to skin.  

SEVEN: NYX Finishing Powder 

finishing powder

Laura: Can we talk about setting powders?  Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to have tried them, but this powder is SO good.  For the last 10 years I’ve been a die hard Clinique powder girl, and then my old Clinique ran out and I kept seeing people talk about setting powders- I was skeptical, WHITE POWDER on my WHITE SKIN???!!!  But, I was allowing myself a Target run, (which I don’t often do because I spend too much when I go), and I wrote down some recommendations.  I found this one for 10.00.  I love it, it goes on translucent, not white, which-here’s a thought; Why would I spend all my time putting on makeup only to throw a different color powder over the top of the whole thing and mess it all up?  Why did I do that?  I use my beauty blender or a powder brush to put it on and it makes my skin a matte, baby soft, makeup locked jail of beauty.  

EIGHT: Mary Kay Eye Brow Pencil 

eyebrow pencil

Laura: Ever since I started doing my eyebrows four years ago it has been a part of my daily routine.  Even if I’m keeping it simple, eyebrows are a must for me now.  I love this brow pencil.  I don’t need to worry about it smudging off, it is a great shade for me as a red head, and my blonde sister looks great in it too!  

NINE: Hairspray 

Hair Spray

Angela: LOVE my Tresemme hairspray and really like that I can find it at whatever store I am at! I don’t buy a lot of drugstore beauty supplies, but this is one that I have found just as good as the more expensive brands. Why pay more if you don’t have to? I have VERY straight hair with not very much body. So the days that I add some curls into my hair, I have to have a strong hold hair spray. Tresemme #4 does the trick! I have tried the other numbers, but have returned to #4 extra hold.

TEN: NORWEX Makeup Remover Body Cloth 

Norwex Makeup returner

Angela: I am new to the Norwex world of products. Again, Laura first told me about them. I went to visit her and she had a Norwex Make-up Remover cloth for me to use. She is a great hostess like that!!!  I rarely ok actually never took off my make up at night! I know all my Mary Kay friends are gasping!!!! I felt like I really didn’t need to as my makeup all kind of worked its way off through out my day anyway. (Until I started using Maskara Cosmetic Pallet and the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara!!) So I immediately liked the Norwex Makeup Remover. It was easy, even took off heavy duty mascara with a few swipes! I like that I just had to use water and that I could throw it in the washing machine for repeated use. I can use it for several days with just a little Norwex dish soap rinse between uses. (It dries quick and without smell). The cloth holds in the moisture, so when you raise it up to remove your eye makeup the water doesn’t run down my arms. It is soft and gentle on my eyes and face too.

We love sharing these products with you guys because they have been tried and tested and have come out on top!  Have a Delightful Monday! 

We may receive commission from purchases made from these links, but that’s never our motivation for sharing.  

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