Spiritual Lessons from a Cast

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By Angela

Strange things can happen on vacation while visiting Middle Earth! My family and I spent a morning at Hobbiton when we to New Zealand in June. I was enjoying the beautiful view of the Hobbit Set from the Lord of the Ring/ Hobbit Movies and I wasn’t paying much attention to the footpath (as they call it down under). I tripped, put my hand out to break my fall and immediately felt a pain in my thumb on landing! NEVERMIND, the first thing I said to my daughter:: “I have a grass stain on my knee!” I packed in a Capsule Wardrobe method and these were my favorite jeans!!!! As the day went on it confirmed that immediate felt pain in my thumb- it was broken!

I visited the nice NZ drs and got a cast! AND my grass stain totally came out if anyone was worried! 🙂Angela2

I have never had a cast before and I made me realize several things about life!!

  1. My thumb felt better immediately once it was in the cast and received support. I realized that no one thinks twice about people who have broken bones that need casts- yet we carry around our emotional hurts and often think we need to get over it. Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” I needed my injured thumb bound and that is exactly what Jesus wants to do for me. I often just limb along instead.
  2. The yellow cast on my arm was hard to miss. It caused my family and friends to be attentive to my needs and I was finding I enjoyed that attention!  My family helped in almost every daily chore  and when walking through a buffet line at a wedding, my friend, noticing my one handed dilemma, took my plate and dished my food and then cut up my chicken when we sat down! When I have emotional hurts, most can’t see the heartache or the pain I am nursing back to help! But there is One that sees!!! Exodus 2:24-25 says “God heard their groaning, and God remembered…..God saw the people…and God knew”. I began to allow my Great Physician to be attentive to my brokenness. He longs to show us that kind of attentiveness, and yet because its humbling I would push it away! I have  begun to start my times with Jesus quietly  sitting for a few minutes to soak in His attentiveness!!!
  3. Once the cast was off and I started physical therapy. The first exercise the therapist gave me was to use my left hand to move my healing thumb- I couldn’t move it on my own. When we first begin to walk in healing from emotional wounds, it will be slow! We will need help at first from Jesus and others. We need to give ourselves grace as we practice.
  4. I still have some pain over 6 months later. My thumb will not return to 100%. There is a scare. It’s bittersweet. It reminds me of an injury, but it also is a good reminder to the things I have learned! Our emotional wounds heal usually over time! But there are reminders, times of grief and memories of sweet moments where Jesus spent time binding my wound and attending to my needs! Angela1

Here is John and I at a banquet! Where he attended to me and cut my food up first!!! (When you break your thumb in the summertime- I say choose a Sunny, yellow cast!!)


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