Simple Easter Egg Dye Recipe

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by Angela

Need a quick, simple Easter Dye Recipe? From ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen? Now that is what I am talking about!!!  This is a tried and true recipe that my parents made for my sister and I to dye our eggs 40 “yikes” years ago! And I made it for my kids too!

Hard boil your eggs!! Ever almost forget that step before you were ready to dye your eggs? Here are great directions to follow.  I thought I knew how to boil an egg- how easy can it be, until I looked it up on Pinterest and found that I was overcooking them.

Egg Dye Recipe
1 Tablespoon Vinegar
1 cup boiling water
Food Coloring (So many more colors now to choose from then the old 4 primary colors!)
Mix vinegar and water in mugs/cups. Put a few drops of different color food coloring into each mug. Place a spoon in each mug.

A Few Extra Helpful Tips:
  1. Use a white crayon to color on the egg before you dye them. The dye doesn’t adhere to the crayon wax.

DSC_00492. For little hands place the egg into a whisk for dipping.

DSC_00053. Have an Egg Coloring Party on the Saturday Morning before Easter with some yummy brunch foods. Keep it simple.

DSC_00414. What are you going to do the next week with all those hard boiled eggs your kids have colored? Check out these two recipes from the Pioneer Women.

Egg Salad Sandwich (include your leftover ham- genius right!)

or for a lighter variety

Egg Salad with Avocado (Add an avocado on your grocery list…you will won’t regret it!)

Laura and I wish you a Easter that is “So Delightful”!!


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2 thoughts on “Simple Easter Egg Dye Recipe

  1. oh gosh we were scrambling earlier when we couldn’t find our egg decorating kit. we actually did almost exactly as you suggested but i wish i would have seen your post. that whisk idea is genius. love that you are sharing tried and true traditions!


      Egg dying with toddlers means purple and green hands for Easter pictures! LOL. The whisk helps that!

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