Result of the Everyday Thankful Challenge

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by Angela

In November I took the Everyday Thankful Challenge on Instagram. I enjoyed doing it on Instagram with pictures of everyday things- big, small and all things in between! I found being intentionally thankful for 30 straight days changed my thinking into this new year! It helped that my friend Blair did the whole 30 days with me!!! We were determined to not skip a day!!! Here are my results:

I am finding little things to be thankful for. The Costco gas lines have been loong lately around here! Most every time you go it feels like a long wait. And others have been feeling the same as I have seen many fb posts of people waiting in the Costco gas lines!  Yet one of the days I was waiting, I found myself thankful that I get to enjoy cheaper gas prices, along with all the people who have Costco cards! That is a plus in my personal budget!

I am noticing I am quicker to catch myself complaining.  I wouldn’t consider myself a major complainer, but I was noticing that I would complain about the small things. One of those was the weather- its either too hot to or too cold. I was never just content with what the day brought. I wasn’t thanking the Lord for the variety that each day brought.

I have started a new list. November is a natural month to focus on thankfulness, but I liked how it was shaping my thoughts. My husband and I started a new journal together this year. We are not rushing through a goal to finish it- its a 10,000 Reason Journal. Listing reasons to be thankful, to praise the Lord, and note when we see His hand in our life. 10,000 is a huge number. Can we even begin to make a dent? I want to try. I am curious to see what 100 or 500 looks like. How many can we even list?  I want my kids or grand kids someday to find this journal (or how many journals it will take to list out) and see a date listed with a praise and reason why we stopped and took note and gave thanks!

What one thing or 100 things are you thankful for?

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4 thoughts on “Result of the Everyday Thankful Challenge

  1. Blair

    Hey! I was mentioned in a post! 🙂 You’ll have to update us on your journal when you get to 100 or 500 things that you’re thankful for!

  2. I love it! I’m still a long way from my 10,000, but it’s amazing to watch the record develop of God’s faithfulness. Can’t wait to hear how the list grows!


      I enjoying knowing you are working on a list too! And it was your encouragement to just make the list not to be concerned about the number!!!

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