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by Angela

As we gear up to the actual Meal Planning Post on March Meal Makeover we realized it would be good to start with some recipes to use. Ever sit down to attempt to meal plan, or it’s 2pm and dinner is fast approaching at 6pm and feel like your mind goes blank? Or you feel like your meals of Tacos, Spaghetti and Hot Dogs is just BOOORING!!! Do not fear! We are hear to help!

First Things First

Write a list of your family’s favorite meals. Be sure to include a few special meals or meals you use when company comes over.  Pile those recipes in one place. Stay tuned for Laura’s next post of Organizing Your Recipes.

Look at a calendar and begin to think how you would like to plan so you know what kind of recipes you need more of. Recipe finding/organizing is similar to your Capsule Wardrobe– and the Recipe Capsule is coming soon! Take note of nights of your week you have a meeting, or your kids have soccer practice or you want to do less cooking on a Friday night.

Calendar Meal PlanningDecide what kind of basic plan you want to follow. Meal plan for one week at a time? Or Two?  Would you rather list out 30 meals to cover the whole month? Want a guide? Try something like Monday- Italian Night, Tuesday- Taco Tuesday, Wednesday- Soups…etc. (If you like that idea- you can mix up Taco Tuesday- with Beef Tacos, Fish Taco Bowls, Chicken Nachos, Taco Soup, Chicken Quesadilla, Pork Tacos- that is a whole 6 weeks of your Tuesday Night planned- check!)

Now you are ready to find some recipes!

Where to go and what to look for?

Friends. They are a great source. Ask them for recipes if you enjoy something they make. Or initiate a recipe swap. Add in a cookie exchange to make it fun!Old Recipe 1Put a status on Facebook asking people what they are making for dinner.

Pinterest/ Magazine. Great sources these days. Pinterest can be a virtual cookbook. It is always at your fingertips. Make a few separate boards to help you find them easily and be sure to delete the pins you try that you don’t like. Follow our Pinterest Page as we will be pinning some of our favorite recipes!

Find a Foodie that you like. Skim several websites/ blogs and see what stands out for you.

If you are a beginner- try Six Sisters. They have a category called “fast meal”. If you feel overwhelmed by recipes with too many ingredients. Ask yourself if you can cut some out?

Intermediate/ Advanced- Pioneer Women. Her recipes are easy to follow with lots of pictures! And she is funny!

Gluten Free/ Allergies-If you have a family member with food allergies ask yourself if you can adjust the recipe to fit those needs? Try Against All Grain, or Nom Nom Paleo.

Make sure you have the kitchen supplies/ tools needed to make the recipe. Laura and my most used appliances are the Kitchen Aid Mixer kitchen aid mixer and Food Processor .

Chocolate chip cookies in my kitchen aid mix is even better :)

Chocolate chip cookies in my kitchen aid mix is even better 🙂

Unfamiliar with a term in the recipe or a step looks to complicated at first? Sometimes I have gotten caught on something that seemed like too much work. Like peeling and cutting a Butternut Squash. You- tubed  “How to Cut Butternut Squash Video”, tried it and it worked great! Was easier than I thought. 🙂

Lastly, give yourself permission to try some new things. And be sure to be gracious to yourself if you have a recipe fail. It happens to everyone from time to time. Laugh about it with your family! It is a great opportunity to encourage all members of your family to try some new things!

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