Putting Groceries Away

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by Angela

I can’t look at a jar of applesauce without thinking of a memory sooo many years ago. My husband and I had gone grocery shopping- like a Costco and Walmart Grocery store trip. My kids were young, preschool age. We had done all the shopping, pulled into the garage and realized we had to put all the things away. We knew it would feel really good when it was all done- but why does this step of putting things away always get under-estimated of how much time it would take. The kids had had enough. They were ready to be done. We were carrying in the groceries while trying to do some entertaining of the crawling baby and busy preschooler. The jar of apple sauce, the Costco size Applesauce fell out of my hands and smashed upon the floor. It was the tipping point. I joined the kids in tears! I complained at my husband because surely if he had been carrying it in it would of been fine. We fussed at each other of who was going to clean it up. Applesauce is hard to clean up! 🙂 Thankfully it fell on the tile. Accidents happen. We know can smile about the distant memory. But lets talk about the last step before the groceries are done!

1- Plan some time for it. You might want to give in at this stage to leaving it to finish later. Don’t do it!! It will feel good to be all done. Don’t try to rush it to close to another activity or to lunch. Have a lunch ready to go when you get home especially if you have kids. Power through.

2- Use the One Touch System as much as possible! Remember the One Touch Post “The One Touch System is pretty much summed up in its name. You will save time by touching an item the least amount of times.” I am especially guilty of moving the toilet paper from the car to the hallway, to the bottom of the stairs, to the top of the stairs, to outside of the bathroom closet. Why do I keep moving that package of toilet paper? I need to walk that right into the bathroom closet and put it away!!! Not look at it and touch it 4 times. Note to self. No one else is going to put it away. Resist the urge to feel self pity that everyone uses the toilet paper but no one else CLEARLY sees where you moved it in the hallway to put it away. Your kids will have years of buying and putting away their own toilet paper when they become adults. Did you put it away when you were a kid or ever thank your Mom/Dad for doing it? Ok, enough about toilet paper.  If you use reuseable bags- walk the 4 extra steps to the trunk and put them away- ready for the next time. Anyone ever hang them on the side mirrors of the car instead? I never have done that. 🙂

3- Tidy Up. If you haven’t yet, do some tidying of any leftovers in the fridge/ pantry. Start fresh with the new food for the week. If the crackers that nobody wants is still in the pantry, throw them away and take note not to buy them again. Clear out the clutter so you can see the new things to enjoy.Putting Groceries away

4- Plan an Easier Dinner Meal. On grocery shopping days you have spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen. In some seasons of life we have bought the pizza during the grocery trip to heat up in the oven that night. It made things less stressful for everyone. Find what works best for you and your family in the season of life you are in.

5- Treat yourself. Plan something you want to do after you have finished all your grocery shopping duties for the day! Make a cup of coffee or tea and sit down and catch up on the latest of the It’s So Delightful Blog 🙂 Take a little nap. Sit outside on your patio while your kids play outside and get some large muscle activity!Tea time

6- Train your older kids to help you. When I pull into the garage from grocery shopping my kids come out to help carry in groceries. (My hubby does too). My regularly hungry son is more interested in what is in the bags I think. But still he can carry in 5+ bags at a time. Give your kids a clear instruction to put the soup cans away from the bag or the fruit into the crisper. Be patient with the training process. Cheerfully ask them to help you and thank them when they are done. Before you leave let them know to listen for you to come home so they can come out and help carry things in.

Grocery Store Kid Helpers

My kids have always had fun at the grocery store 🙂

We are just over half way through our March Meal Makeover! We’ve organized our kitchens, our recipes, made our meal plans and lists. Survived going grocery shopping with the Littles and powered through to get everything put away. Laura and I have been trying to cover it all! It has been So fun to see your response, more than 4,600 views on www.itssodelightful.com.

Stay tuned for more! Next week we will be tackling some common Meal Planning challenges. Comment if you have a question you want us to answer.






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