Best Friends Guide to Potty Training

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by Laura

Looking for an extra special gift for that two year old in your life?  How about a potty training gift basket?  Hilarious laughter.  Probably not. But, if you were my sister or my best friend, here’s what I would put in your potty training gift basket.

POTTY SEAT COVER.  Why do you need this?  So your child doesn’t fall into the toilet, that’s why.  Also because little boys sitting down to pee is very exciting unless you have some sort of pee shield. We loved this one.

POTTY CHAIR.  Why do you need ANOTHER potty place?  Because, you don’t know which one your child will feel more comfortable with. The potty chair is portable. You can put it in the kitchen, you can take it on road trips, or you can take it in the back yard.  We have done ALL OF THE ABOVE.  We like this one.

OOPS CLOTHS. You are going to be cleaning floors A LOT.  Sometimes 10 times a day.  When I potty trained our first child I had a huge stack of towels, (because I didn’t want to use paper towels) and used a new towel for every clean up.  I’m  sure the amount of water we used in laundry evened out our environmentally conscious decision to not use paper towels.  HA!  It was a ridiculous amount of laundry people. Then there is the hands and knees bending over clean up, and did I mention the laundry that had to be washed/dried and ready to go for the next day of mistakes?!!!

Enviro Cloths Rainbow PackageEnter the Norwex enviro cloth.  Rays of light beam down from heaven and these little magic cloths are a potty training mama’s best friend. What makes these different from normal towels and wash cloths?  1.  They self-sanitize.  Magic fairies live inside them and they seriously do self-sanitize in 24 hours.  (It’s actually the silver inside them).  2.  They are SUPER absorbing.  3.  You can rinse and reuse them all day long without feeling like you are spreading pee.  Wipe off the child, the floor, the toilet, the walls.  4.  They clean poop out of carpet.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to clean poop off a carpet?  (By the way, if you don’t know how to do it.  You take an INSTAGRAM selfie of you about to clean up the poop-tears optional. Then, you remove all the poop with your hand inside a plastic grocery bag, pull bag inside out and put in trash.)  Then, you can use the enviro cloth to clean the carpet.  They are fantastic.  And when potty training is over, use them to clean your counters, sinks, bathtubs…There are some rules about how to wash them, and not using cleaning products WITH them, but it’s a quick learn.

STICKERS.  A quick google search can yield LOTS of printable potty charts from your kid’s favorite characters, but they need fun stickers to put on the charts.  Go get them!

APRON.  I wore an apron with pockets for the first week of potty training.  The pockets had my potty timer, stickers, and marshmallows in it at all times.  The apron protected my clothes from getting pee on them because, oh yes you DO carry a child in mid pee across your house to the bathroom.  Which leads me to a mop…

MOP.  I did WAY too much towel and washcloth floor mopping up as a first time potty trainer.  But, the thought of filling a bucket, finding the mop, mopping, ringing it out in the dish filled sink way too much for me.  This Norwex mop was a life-changer.


The handle can go up and down, the yellow rectangle is for dry mopping, and the blue rectangle is for WET MOPPING.  You de-velcro the wet mop and get it a little damp in your sink, then velcro it back onto the base, mop up your mess, ring out the little rectangle in the sink, and because it is self-sanitizing, you’re good to go for the next accident.

CARPET CLEANER.  You’ll want some of this.  Because the first time your husband is home when your child poops on the carpet his eyes are going to roll back into his head.  We used this.



CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.  These are you for you sweet mama friend.  Only you.  Hide them in the cupboard.  You are not to make your own, you are to buy store bought really yummy ones and eat them when you have pee on your pants and poop under your fingernails.

FUN STRAWS AND CUPS.  One way to get your child to practice peeing is to fill their bladder.  What goes in, must come out.  A fun new cup or drinking straw will make it new for them.

UNDIES.  We potty trained our children pretty early in their lives.  At 18 months for Eva, and 2 years on the dot for Malachi.  Our kids are VERY tiny people percentage wise so the only underwear I have found that fits tiny little bottoms are the ones from Walmart.  You will need 20 to start with.

WATERPROOF MATTRESS PAD.  Get two for your kids bed if you don’t already have one.

REWARDS.  After every success your child needs a reward, for a LONG time.  Even six months after our kids are potty trained they still might get one chocolate chip after a poop.  Rewards don’t have to be sweet.  Bubbles, stickers, tickle time, blow up a balloon, and yes, marshmallows, chocolate chips, yogurt raisins are also fun too.

So, now friends.  Good luck!  All the best to you on your adventures.

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2 thoughts on “Best Friends Guide to Potty Training

  1. Meagan H

    Ugh. So not looking forward to potty training (probably this summer). I think I just might make myself a basket with all your suggestions. 😉


      You’ll be just fine, it’s a right of passage for every parent. There will be days you will clean up nine accidents and beg your husband to get off work early and bring dinner with him, and then there will also be days where you are SO proud of yourself and your child!

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