Our Homeschooling Room

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by Laura

Room reveals are SO fun and I wouldn’t want to keep our new Homeschooling Space from you especially since it’s so cute!  For the past month I’ve been laminating allthethings, have printed 300 pages of material, and the cherry on top was this week, Target had adorable wall pretties in their doggie tail-wag section.  So, thanks to a clock that didn’t get changed from day-light saving, I stayed up until 2:30 last night finishing the room.  

Deciding where to do our Homeschooling was an automatic move to the basement.  Our home didn’t have another space that would have functioned well.  Luckily, Eric and I completely tore apart the old basement with wood paneling, and a dropped ceiling. Then we built it up again and made it look so bright and beautiful down there.  Here’s what the main basement room looks like from the stairwell.  

My desk is on the left, our non-homeschool space at the back, and school stuff on the right.

My desk is on the left, our movie space at the back, and school stuff on the right.

There are two main Homeschooling walls in the basement.  We’ll start our Homeschool Day on the stair wall for our Circle Time!  Here’s that wall.  You can see the flag, a foam clock, a sheet with our address, emergency numbers on it to review, the pocket calendar, a white board, and a pocket calendar with the jobs for Circle Time.    


During our Circle Time we’ll do the Pledge of Allegiance, and Pray.  Then we’ll do the Calendar with some fun Month and Day of the Week songs before we move to the Clock, the Weather, and then their Allowance that day for chores, (5 whopping cents).  

This wall also encapsulates our learning themes and the book of study for that week period.  Malachi will do Circle time and then his 10-15 minutes of structured school, (I did the same with Eva when she was 3).  So, he’s starting with Letter A, there’s shapes and colors integrated. His vocabulary this week is fruit with a big focus on the apple.  Eva’s learning this week revolves around the story Lentil.  We’ll fill in the Author and Illustrator, and some themes from Lentil that we’ll study are: Ohio, Music, Taste, Monuments, and Architecture.  Which leads us to the other Homeschooling wall.  


Here we have the materials and schedule that we will use for the rest of our Homeschooling Day.  From left to right you can see a table and chairs, a white cabinet which holds my Teacher Supplies, cute crayon stickers, our daily schedule on a bulletin board, two Ikea Trofast System’s holding all sorts of things, the World Map, a fun banner, baskets with commonly needed items, a clipboard style holder for Eva’s passport and Story Disks, and then our book caddy with theme books for the week.  


The white cupboard holds snacks, some supplies I don’t want the kids getting into, (my velcro stickies, tape…) Laminating Sheets, Page Protectors, Construction Paper, Extra binders, BOB books, and then containers with Math tools/Alphabet or Word tools.  The pieces of paper taped to the doors remind me what they can do during center time, and how snack will work each day so that I don’t have to think.  Thinking is too hard.  


The Math bin and Letter/Word bin currently are ready to go for this week and this is what they look like: 



The bulletin board got covered with yellow poster board and I found dry erase strips on that Target run I was talking about so I put up our daily schedule on that.  There’s some velcro pictures beside things that will eventually change.  The bottom of the bulletin board has an INTENSE Daily Schedule and Week One Schedule.  I’ll write about that in a Homeschooling Organization post, but you have to wait until I’ve tried out my current routine for a while.  


that one you can’t read? That says 2:00 Centers. This is all subject to change people.

The bins hold a LOT of stuff that we’ll use on a daily basis.  Here are some of the art bins.  


Every homeschooling room needs a place for the teacher to get her work done. I took the time to clean, organize, and beautify my desk.  I love how colorful the kids area is and I love that mine is a contrasting space, with little clutter and still right next to the kids.  On the top shelf are Eva and Malachi’s paper keepsake boxes.  They have one file for every year of their life.  The second shelf has my Home Base Binder, Bible Study materials, and office supplies by the clock.  The desk itself is very bare.  I have a box with notepads and pens in it under the computer and then the giant printer and that’s how I like it!  



Today is our first day of School!  I’m sure you’ll see pictures on our Instagram or Facebook of our day.   Thanks for taking the tour with me!  


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