Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

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After 10 years of marriage, Eric and I now are the proud owners of our own home, and the smallest closet we have ever had. PAT.ON.THE.BACK.

Thankfully we both use the capsule wardrobe system, so we don’t need a lot of room.  What I do need is something that works. The closet that came with the house…sigh.  They tried you guys, they really tried, but it was totally non-functional.  I re-arranged our clothes a few times, tried to move the closet system around-nothing was working.  I think I made it worse!  Just look at it!


UGLY you don’t need no alibi.

The last time I was at IKEA I took home a catalog and saw an idea for our closet.  I did a little searching online to see if anyone had used it in the U.S., with bi-fold door style closets, and got motivated to do it!

WARNING.  I am writing this post as if you are going to want to run to your nearest IKEA and try this out in your own home so there are LOADS of details in this post.  I put in pictures for those of you who just want to see what we did.

What We Did

OK. I measured the closet from the top of the baseboard to ceiling, width, and depth of the corner, wrote a list of what items I wanted to house in the closet, and started sketching out the closet with precise measurements from IKEA online.

I went to IKEA with my list and was able to see more clearly what they offered and how I would have to modify my original sketch.  I didn’t realize the clothes hangers only came with the medium width shelf, throwing a wrench in my plan for skirts and dresses.  But, my friend and I worked it out and carefully counted out what felt like hundreds, (actually 28) brackets and spent a LONG time in the check out lane with all those little pieces.

Closet Tear Down

bye bye ugly closet

Back at home we stripped the closet of its original system, and I painted it a light yellow.

The first thing we needed to do was install the top suspension rail.  All the wall uprights glide into this rail. I needed to make sure the rail was high enough for the uprights to clear the baseboards, and low enough to make the top shelf accessible.

track system

wall uprights and track were easy to install, just a LOT of screwdriver work.

We leveled the track, marked where to screw holes, then we screwed all the holes, and tapped in the drywall anchors where needed. (This closet system does not come with screws or drywall anchors so we purchased those elsewhere).

We had to buy three suspension rails to fit into the closet.  I had not anticipated needing separate pieces across the top.  So we had to take one out and move it over, (see random drywall anchor above) so that a wall upright could hang in a different spot.

Then, the wall uprights were ready to go in.  These hang from the track on their own, (so handy), but need to be screwed in.  I wanted our closet to be symmetrical so I knew I wanted the first track we installed to be in the exact center.  We hung it, marked all the places for the screws, slid the upright over, drilled all the holes, tapped in all the anchors, swung it back, and put all the screws in.

To determine where the next wall upright would go. I thought we could either measure it, or set up the brackets and shelves and know for certain the uprights were in the exact right place.  There are different sized brackets, and different widths and depths of shelves so make sure you know what you need before you get to IKEA and realize there are SO many different options.

bracket and shelf

We put in the brackets on the topmost and bottom most spots on the upright. I put a shelf on the brackets so that there wouldn’t be a chance that our measurement and all our screw holes would be off.  So, once the shelves were placed temporarily, we did as before, marked spots…you get it.


Here you can see the wall upright, a bracket, and two different sized shelves.

We continued building out on both sides.  There are different widths and depths of shelves, so for our small closet, I chose to have medium, (22 5/8 x 22 7/8) and small, (15 5/8 x 22 7/8) widths.


starting to look exciting

Once all the vertical poles were completely screwed in, I began to put in all the brackets, lay the shelves, put up the clothes rails, pant hanger, and shoe storage  This part was SO fun, seeing all my ideas now physically represented.


Each bracket gets a cover. I recommend pressing from the front to the back. These take some work to snap down.

Now that the bracket covers were on, it looked so clean, and it was time to show my husband the finished project.

Before and After

Here’s the Closet Tour.

Laura's Side

On my side, I contained my hanging shirts to the first section, folded my tank tops and pants underneath, and have room for 6 pairs of shoes on the shoe organizers.  The few dresses and skirts I have, we found a different wall rail, (not ALGOT system), to use.  I had a special place for my hat, my boots, and I got a drawer organizer to use for my belts.  On the top I have a space for my bags and room for other storage!

Eric's Side

On Eric’s side his hanging clothes fit just fine on one clothes rail.  The pant hanger is AWESOME, and he has room for a few shoes under that.  On the shelves we keep sweaters, white shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and his jeans.  He also has a drawer organizer that sits on a shelf that keeps his belts, watch, cufflinks and cologne nice and neat.


Suspension Rails (3) 11.00

Wall Uprights (5) 15.00

Brackets (28) 112.00

Medium Shelves (7) 70.00

Small Shelves (11) 99.00

Clothes Rail (2) 6.00

Pant Hanger (1) 6.00

Shoe (2) 8.00

Kuggis Trays (2) 18.00


I had 20% off so my new total was 271.00

I was pretty surprised at the cost.  For some reason I didn’t think it would be that much.  Let’s talk about that in this next section.



Things I wish I would have done differently, might change in the future:

Again, I was surprised at the cost-but I’m so happy with the end result I’m not mad about it.  I would have saved money using baskets instead of the small shelves.  I don’t really need those drawer organizers, but they are nice.

It would have been nice to have pull out rail with baskets on the outermost sections of our closet to house shirts and folded pants, but I wasn’t sure they would pull out far enough because the wall is right there.  I still might pick up one next time we’re at IKEA and see how I like it.

I also wish we had a place for our laundry in the closet, but that is simply impossible.

One more look at this beautiful organized closet.

Completed Closet

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IKEA doesn’t know about us, but we know about them.  We write this post independently of any commission.  


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4 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

  1. Anne Johnson

    You are inspiring me once again! We have a walk-in closet that our 8 mos old currently shares with us (it’s her nursery!) so it is a bit tight. I have been looking for a dresser on Craigslist but maybe a closet organizing system would be more effective? Do you still have a dresser in your room to hold other items? (Socks, underwear, exercise clothes, etc…)?


      Hi Anne. We have a large dresser this one to be exact. On my side it gets my socks, underwear, swimwear, pajamas, workout clothes, and my t-shirts. Eric has his socks, underwear, workout clothes, and pajamas in it. I didn’t use the baskets that go with the ALGOT system, but they would be perfect for those dresser type items. If she’s in the closet though, maybe you do need a dresser. Another way to save space is to store all your seasonal clothing. We have under bed storage, and huge garment bags to put our, right now, winter shoes, clothes…in. that saves so much room, and helps my eye to only look at the actual options instead of sift through things that are unreasonable to wear right now.

      I’d be happy to help you sketch out a closet system!

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