One Touch System

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by Angela

Hello March! Hello March Meal Makeover!Kitchen Collage 3

We have a exciting month planned for you! Kitchen Systems, Meal Planning, Grocery Store Tips, Family Table Ideas and some Helpful Food Hacks.

Starting off with some Kitchen Organization Systems for you to find your footing.

I have been soo excited to share this system with you all!! It’s not rocket science. It’s simple. It could change your life!! Ok. Maybe not full on change- but it can bring some daily relief.

The One Touch System is pretty much summed up in its name. You will save time by touching an item the least amount of times. Since we are in the kitchen this month, for our March Meal Makeover, let’s use the dishwasher as an example.

Day WITHOUT the one touch system might look familiar to you:

You eat breakfast, you leave your cereal bowl in the sink. You have enjoyed some coffee and you leave your mug on the table. And if you have kids- well, they piled up their breakfast dishes on the counter. Before you go upstairs to finish getting ready and move your coffee mug from the table to the sink, you think to yourself – I don’t have time to deal with all this right know, as the dishwasher is full and that would take way too long to unload. So you get ready for your day and you head out for an appointment, you come home at lunch time and remember all the dishes. You add to “said” dishes when you make lunch. And then after lunch and the kids are napping- dishes is the last thing you want to do. They take forever because the milk and oatmeal on the bowls is a stuck on mess.

Day WITH the One Touch System:

Before you eat breakfast, unload the dishwasher! You eat breakfast, when you are done you go straight to the sink, rinse and put bowl into empty dishwasher. You also have enjoyed some coffee, and rinse out you mug and put into the dishwasher. And if you have kids- they can easily rinse dishes and place into dishwasher. You think to yourself before you go upstairs to get ready how clean your kitchen looks. So you get ready for your day and you head out for your appointment, you come home at lunch time and remember how great it is that the breakfast dishes are done and prepare lunch. And then after lunch and the kids are napping. Dishes are done as you had an empty dishwasher to put all the lunch dishes in. You sit down and put your feet up and relax for a bit!

The fluidity of being able to immediately get those dishes taken care of after a meal is going to bring some positive energy into your kitchen and meal planning!

Couple Key Things…

Unload the dishwasher FIRST THING so you and your family can put all the dishes used throughout the day into the dishwasher! It doesn’t take as long as you think! I have timed myself doing this- with a FULL dishwasher- under 5 minutes! Dishwasher TImerSetting expectations and training your kids to rinse and put their dishes straight into the dishwasher if they are at the age they are able to, will take some time and effort to be intentional. It will be worth it to keep up on that training and in a few days everyone will be doing this naturally. We have done it in our home for years!  *Remember to run your dishwasher each night so its clean and ready to unload first thing 🙂

Finish a job completely.  When you wash the dishes that can’t go into dishwasher- take the few minutes to dry the dishes and put them away. When you go to empty the trash put a new bag in before you walk the trash out. It drains energy when you look around and you have several half finished chores.

Find some helpful tricks.  Get a coaster with an initial of each family member to put their cup on for the day. Have cups in color or theme for each kids. Write names on glasses. That will help the cup counter clutter. Anyone else have this in their home?

Angela Glasses

Make sure to get a good chalkboard sticker and a pen that won’t run or wash off! This has been through the dishwasher and is still as good as new!

Find a spot in the kitchen to have a command center. A place for mail, keys, kids paper, notecards and stamps. Have a place for each thing and return when done. It will save time looking in the three places they could be at.

You can use the One Touch System in other places in your home. Put your jacket away in the coat closet as soon as you get home instead of putting it on the couch to put away later. Put your blow dryer away as soon as you are done using it, instead of pushing it off to the side of the counter. You get the idea!

Look around, where can you start today! Have you unloaded your dishwasher yet? 😉

Be sure to check out the Laundry in a Day post to see how you can apply these same ideas to your laundry!



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8 thoughts on “One Touch System

  1. Meagan H

    I love this idea, and I love when I can put it into practice; however, I find that our dishwasher takes about 1 2/3 day to fill up…It’s not quite full after lunch on the second day, but can’t hold all the dinner dishes. Even if I wash it less than full after lunch, the second-day dinner dishes always become a problem. Any tips?


      I get it! Angela and I both think that running the dishwasher every night would be ok, just for the sake of routine.
      There are times when I run it immediately after lunch and unload it right before I’m making dinner if you want to do a Day 1-morning, and Day 2-post lunch system.
      Good luck!


        Also, I (Angela) love the challenge of loading a full dishwasher. I know that might sound weird, I might need to find new things in life to challenge me. But when others tell me no more dishes will fit into the dishwasher, I roll up my sleeves- re- arrange and get it done! I rinse well and my dishwasher works great so I can get a lot of dishes in there. But there is a way sometimes to get the dinner dishes in when you think there is no way!!!

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