Interview with a Delightful Friend: How To Earn a Passive Income for your Family

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It is so delightful to have our friend Sara join us today on the blog!! Sara is a stay at home wife to Matt and Mom to son Tyler. She also has another little guy on the way!! I am going to do a little interview with her today to learn more about a way she has been able to add some extra money to her family budget through Ebates.

Sara Family Pic

Sara and her family!

Angela:  Welcome to It’s So Delightful Blog! We are so happy to have you! Tell us, what is ebates?

Sara: Ebates is an online shopping portal that offers cash back on online purchases from over 1800 retailers. If you shop online but are not using ebates…you are basically throwing away free money! Your ebates account tracks your online purchases from their affiliate networks and sends you a check every three months based on how much you have spent. Instead of shopping in the store, I order online from my favorites retailers such as Target, Kohls, Old Navy, and Amazon. Before I buy anything in the store (especially large purchases), I check to see if I can buy through ebates first for cash back savings. There is potential to earn a lot of cash back when you buy your furniture, electronics and clothing through Ebates.

Angela: How long have you been doing Ebates? Generally how much money have you made as you have gotten started?

Sara: I have been using ebates for 6 months. The first two checks I received were for approximately $20 after spending $500. Typically, I see an average of 3-6% cash back when you use ebates as your shopping portal. Recently, I was able to negotiate a $70 discount on our new SUV tires because I told our dealer I could order the tires online through ebates and receive 5% back from Firestone.


Angela: That is interesting. Seems simple- just need to rethink some ways I purchase things I am already buying. Did you have to pay to sign up? Or is there a monthly fee?

Sara: There is no membership fee, it is completely free to join!
You can also earn up to $50 for referring friends to ebates and I got a $10 gift card to Walmart just for signing up.
Angela: What is the earning potential with ebates?
Sara: Some pay periods are more lucrative than others based on the shopping needs of our family for that month. It really does add up!

Ebates also compiles coupons from all of its retailers and presents them in one place so that you can compare deals between your favorite stores. I buy diapers from Target and get $10-$30 gift cards when I find their pampers promos on the ebates site.

Angela: Sara, if our readers want to get started on Ebates how do they go about doing it?

Sara:  It’s simple! Go online to, click on sign-up. Under New-Members, just enter your email address and a password along with the email of the person who referred you (optional). On your welcome page, you can choose a store to earn a $10 gift card when you make your first qualifying purchase through ebates. Then start shopping!

Angela: How do you find out what products are available through ebates?
Sara: On Safari, you can install the Ebates Cash Back Button that will automatically pop up whenever you are shopping on a site that is an affiliate of ebates. That way you will never miss a cash back opportunity! It makes shopping and comparing very easy! It will also help apply any available online coupons to your purchases. Otherwise, you can search for the store you’d like on the ebates homepage and start shopping from there.

[Sara, Thank you for sharing the information about ebates with us. If you have any further questions or would like to list Sara as your person who referred you, please comment on the blog with your email address and we will get back to you!]

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