Laundry In a Day!

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I hear from a lot of families that they are overwhelmed by their never ending laundry! I have a tried and true system that my family has used for years and it works!!! I wish I could take full credit for this system I am about to share with you. I can’t!!! I was gone for a week and my hubby was holding down the homestead, and while he and my daughter were doing the laundry, they figured out a time saver. We have done it ever since!

What do I learn from that? 1) Men have a different thought process and they can help you stream line some household chores. 2) It’s good for Moms to go away every so often to allow others to do what you always do! But back to laundry! Laundry Cover Pic

A few helpful tips to begin:

  1. Each of us have a hamper in our rooms/ bathroom.
  2. I do laundry once a week. I chose Mondays. A day that I am mainly home either in the mornings or afternoons. I find the one day of laundry very helpful.  Why do I want to do something that is overwhelming Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week? One day laundry also prevents those loads you start in the morning, head out all day, and come home to the mildew smelling load of laundry in your washer! Yuck! You don’t want your favorite shirt to have a mildew smell.
  3. I have a small to medium size laundry room- just in case you think I can keep all my laundry  in there because it’s huge and I have a cool folding counter. I do not have that!
  4. I do all our family’s wash together. It saves on water- I live in the desert 🙂 My family helps with the process on both ends so I am not enabling anyone, and my kids know how to work the washing machine. Besides water saving- I see it as a way to serve my kids too. I can’t help them by doing their homework, but I can help them by washing their clothes.
  5. We use the same bath towels all week and have a designated place to hang it up in the bathrooms so they dry out between uses.
  6. Try to re-wear items of clothes if you have just worn them for a short time. Putting clothes into the hamper/ basket is easier in the first place, but creates more work on laundry day. The capsule wardrobe system we use helps with keeping laundry more manageable as well.

The System:

Monday Morning: Family puts their laundry and their Collapsible Laundry Hamper down the laundry shoot! Even the littlest of kiddos can help with this step.

I sort the laundry into the typical piles- lights, darks, and towels. I usually separate out jeans and the clothes that I don’t want to go in the dryer. I find that pile very helpful as I try to sort it out of the wet washer I miss something I want to hang or lay out to dry. Keep some hangers handy! Laundry Pic 2

Wash and dry as normal.

And this is where the system really comes into play. Are you ready? As I take the loads out of the dryer, I sort each item into each family members designated laundry hamper/basket. At the front this feels like it takes more time. But, it is saving me the time in the long run of putting all the clothes from the dryer into a laundry basket. Folding the clothes from the basket and sorting into each family member piles, and then taking the piles and carrying them upstairs to put away. Because, really let’s be realistic. Isn’t this the step that the laundry becomes overwhelming? The pile of clean laundry that is on the table, waiting to be folded is moved to the couch when its time to eat, then it’s moved from the couch to the chair because someone wants to sit down on the couch and eek if anyone drops by for a visit, you then move the clean laundry to the corner of your bedroom…you get the idea! That is a lot of different times touching that same pile of laundry.

Let me continue with the system-

At the end of time doing laundry. I have four hampers/baskets. My hubby and I share a laundry basket. My kids each have their hampers and one basket for the towels/miscellaneous. Basket Pic 2

I take up my basket into my closet. I take each item out and fold and put into my dresser or hang up. Done. My kids are old enough they take their hampers and put their clothes away. I don’t monitor when they put it away- I just expect the dirty clothes and hampers to come back again the next week. If your kids are younger you can take each basket/ hamper into their rooms and fold and put away. Have your little kids help with this! It is an easy chore for them to put things away in their drawers as you fold. Done!

So to sum it up::

  1. Sort laundry;  wash and dry.
  2. From the dryer sort clean laundry into each family members designated hamper/basket.
  3. Take hamper/baskets up to room to fold and put away in dresser or to hang up in closet.
  4. Put hamper/ baskets back to where they belong.

It’s not rocket science. It’s simple. All my laundry stays in the laundry room. It’s all done in one day.

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