Grocery Shopping Apps and Store Delivery

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by Angela and Laura

Times have changed. My, (Angela) Grandma tells me how her neighbor friends used to get together and iron and help one another with some of their daily chores. I barely iron anymore let alone have I ever thought to have a Girls Night In and have everyone bring their irons, ironing boards and clothes to iron. Might be fun though:)

Today we want to talk about Grocery Store Apps and Grocery Home Delivery. Years ago those concepts would of made my Grandma and friends chuckle in disbelief. Take your phones with your to the store with a list? Milk maybe came to the door, but full grocery deliveries?

Grocery List App:

I like lists. I sometimes make lists from my lists. List Apps are interesting to me and I like that they work like a paper list with the ease of being on my electronic device. Any list App I use, MUST have a cool check off feature my favorite is when a line goes through it!  I was searching for a new Grocery List app to use in my Meal Planning and came across several free options. I have used a list app on and off before, but the last one I had used stopped working. My phone was old and it didn’t update well. I briefly used my list feature on my Google Tasks, but that doesn’t do much but make a list.

🙂 So in my search I came across this app I am going to review today! Its clever name caught my eye! “Out of Milk”Out of Milk App Pic 2

It had Good reviews.  Available on both Android and Apple. It was free.

When you enter the items you need it automatically groups items in Sections of the Grocery store- Dairy, Meats, etc. I really liked that when I went grocery shopping. Helped me not to return to a section because I forgot the butter in the dairy section.Shopping List 2I like that I can save ingredients for meals that I regularly use. Since I am a wife of a pastor, we regularly have groups that come over for lunch on Sunday afternoons. One meal I use regularly is a Baked Potato Bar. The Out of Milk app allows me to save the ingredients I buy for that meal under a category all of its own. LOVE that. I won’t need to rewrite that list or remember to get that list from home when I am doing the shopping for that upcoming Sunday.Baked Potato Bar List 2The Out of Milk App allows me to take stock of stuff in my pantry and fridge. There is also a bar scanner attached to the app. I used this and it made listing these items really fast!  Sooo easy! And just a little bit fun to scan! It beeps as you scan. 🙂  REALLY LIKE this feature.  Once it is on the list you can mark low or full and when that item is needed you can then highlight it and move to your shopping list.

Groc App Scan

Scanning items into my pantry list.

Pantry List

Here is what the Pantry List looks like.

I liked how I can easily check my pantry list while I am at the store instead of calling my hubby or kids to check to see if we have it. It also saves from buying another bottle of honey when we have 15 bottles at home.

I found the speak option to add to my list is clear and easy to use too.

I am not a extreme couponer, but like to take advantage of a deal and the Out Of Milk App allows you to check any store ads in your area by putting in your zip code.

Deals on OOM

You can move a sale item into one of your list as well.

There is an easy to use details section to the items on the Shopping List that allows you to list quantity that I need, price (this is helpful as I can’t always remember what is a good sale price) and extra notes I want to make.Details on OOMI was able to easily txt a list from the app to my hubby who was out and about and was able to stop at the store. This is most helpful as we share a car with our teen- age driver so I find myself home without a car sometimes.

You can also log into the computer version and add your lists there if need be. My daughter logs into on her computer and adds her list directly in to my account to sync to my phone app.

Once you check off you list at the store and get home or you begin a new list you can go back and uncheck the staples you buy every time, like bananas. They go directly back onto the Shopping List. Can I hear you say EASY!uncheck items 1There really isn’t anything I don’t like yet! It has an option to add in recipes, but I don’t use that part. I am a bit mechanically impaired and I found that I was able to figure it all out and not ask my teenagers for help 🙂 That is huge.

Grocery Store Delivery


Imagine, your infant is napping and you know when they wake up you have a 2 hour window to get to the grocery store before another nap time hits.  What if, WHAT IF all those groceries arrived at your doorstep?  How about this?  You are SICK and just need someone to bring you chicken noodle soup and some tylenol, but you don’t have the energy to do it. Ever wonder what you would pay to have someone run that errand for you?  Now there’s a price and a service!

Grocery Store delivery has been around for a long time, but there was usually a hefty price to pay and it catered to people that were home bound.  Today grocery delivery is for anyone and can be found in lots of communities. I, (Laura) did some research to tell you about it.

Making an order is simple.  You sign in to an account online, search the groceries, select what you want and the quantity.  Arrange your delivery time and then, check out!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.44.39 PM

There are several grocery stores that do delivery, but a quick search on that grocer’s website will let you know if they have it in your area.  Here are a few chains that offer it.

  • Safeway
  • Hy-Vee
  • Walmart
  • Albertson’s
  • Some Military Installations (Travis AFB, Offit AFB)

My sister was the first person who told me about grocery delivery.  Last Thanksgiving she was stressing about taking her totally adorable baby to the store and buying all the holiday items.

Addy Goes Shopping

My niece loves to say hi to every person at the store and they all talk back to her so it takes my sister forEVER to do grocery shopping.

Here’s my conversation with Melissa about Walmart delivery.

Laura: Hey Melissa, How did you hear about Walmart Grocery Delivery? And why did you start?

Melissa: There were advertisements on TV and a friend used it.  Then, it was Thanksgiving week and I didn’t want to take that long (baby say hi long) for my grocery trip that week.

Laura: How did you place your order?  Was it easy?

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.43.22 PM

Melissa: I did it online.  For produce I’ve never been impressed with Walmart produce, but the grocery delivery produce seemed fresher and better quality than what was in the store.  There were a few issues with ordering, for instance, you have to check your quantities.  It’s hard to tell what you’re getting.  I needed 3 leeks for a recipe and got 3 bunches of leeks.  Their interface and sorting is a little weird.  If you type in carrot, you will pull up EVERY random thing that has carrot attached to it.  A nice feature is it saves what you ordered before so the next time you order things you don’t have to search all over for it again.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.43.50 PM

Laura: What if they don’t have the item? Can you buy non-grocery things?

Melissa: It will tell you if things are in stock or not.  So then you can upgrade to larger volume, but pay the price of the smaller.  There are some things you can order that are non-grocery. You can buy a few non-grocery items like hygiene things, diapers…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.41.54 PM

Laura: How far in advance do you have to order and how do you choose delivery times?

Melissa: You can only choose between a two hour time slot for delivery.  The further in advance you order the cheaper the delivery cost.  I believe it’s between $7.oo-$10.00 Back when I did it, it was cheaper and it was WAY worth the cost in gas, not having to wake a sleeping baby, and the length of time it takes to shop.  And they deliver TO THE DOOR-but those nice drivers aren’t allowed to take tips. You can also arrange to pick up your groceries at Walmart for free.

Laura: That sounds like it could be really worth it!  Thanks for the info!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.44.39 PM


Now Melissa lives in Colorado, but the Walmart where I live doesn’t offer delivery. So I wanted to see where the closest grocery delivery service was to me.  Hy-Vee had it!

I went online to register and check it out.  I have several friends who RAVE about this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.50.15 PM

Here’s the facts:

  1.  Delivery – Free if your order is over 100.00. Otherwise, $4.95.  Even though this grocery store is more pricey, this would have saved me during those early months with the babies, ESPECIALLY with the two babies!
  2. Set a delivery timeframe that’s convenient for you and a helpful, friendly Hy-Vee employee will deliver right to your door.
  3. If you want to swing by and pick it up at the store, say, on your way back from pre-school drop off that will be 2.95!  WOAH.  This could be dangerously addicting.  You set the pickup time and a Hy-Vee employee will load them in your car for you.
  4. Ordering.  I put a few things in my cart to try it out.  So easy, so simple.
  5. It looks like you can order just about anything from the store.  Medications (Infant Tylenol anyone?), charcoal, diapers…

The next time I have a crazy week or a big holiday shop I am absolutely going to try the grocery pick up or delivery!  WOW.

I was so pleased to hear that some military bases have “click 2 go” where they shop for you and you, (or your husband after work) picks up your order, already packed for you. What a wonderful deal for those service members who work long hours and for those who can do a quick grocery shop for their wives and remember everything on the list!

We hope you find your grocery experience can be easier with an app, or a delivery!

We are not receiving commissions from this post. These are just a few things we like…and had to share.  



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