Friday Current Favorites

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Let’s talk about what we’ve been enjoying lately.  Ok?  Ang, you go first.

Ang: My favorite winter shoe has been the Ankle Bootie….then I saw the Spring Version! Peep Toe Bootie. I pinned a zillion of them on our Pinterest page.

Laura: I LOVE my ankle boots too, but my spring capsule for shoes is mostly flats. I need to branch out of that this year.


One thing that has really upped my makeup application is a little thing called the Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Applicator.  This little sponge gets dampened and squeezed out.  Then, it works to smooth and blend in your foundation etc. and really leaves your face looking polished.  I use it every day. There are several places you can buy this, and several names it goes by.  I found mine at TJ maxi for under 10.00.


Ang: I realized today when needing to order a vacuum part for my really old Dyson Vacuum, (like 14 years old)….that it has been the BEST vacuum. Looking for a dependable vacuum? Because REALLY, who wants to buy vacuums too often?? Boring! Check out the Dyson Vacuum, I saw recently!

Laura, what are you reading?

Laura: I’ve been working through, Bringing Up Girls , and Bringing Up Boys.  It has been helpful to understand some of the psychology of my kids, and encouraging me to try some things I haven’t thought of.

Ang: My hubby and son read New York Best Seller and enjoyed it! So I decided to give it a go. It’s good. Short chapters to read here and there on the go.


Laura: My current favorite busy mama devotional is Jesus Calling .  I keep it ON the kitchen table in a little tray we have there.  I can open it up and in between bites and little bodies that want hugs and helps, I can start my day with a verse and directive thinking.


OK!  Well, that was fun!  We are getting so excited about our entire March blog theme: March Meal Makeover!  It’s going to be an awesome reboot to your entire kitchen workload.

See you soon!

Angela and Laura

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2 thoughts on “Friday Current Favorites


      Tell me about it. When people ask me how I am I am trying not to say “busy” every time. I don’t want that to be my go to response! Glad you like the book too.

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