Four Things to Stop Doing in 2017

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by Angela

It’s a New Year. A new calendar. And a place to reflect and evaluate and realign a few things. God has placed 4 things on my heart to start, stop and do differently. 

#1- STOP responding with “(fill in the blank- you name it) drives me crazy”.

It just keeps me stuck. It doesn’t solve anything. It often is a rant. I see a lot of people using it to describe their day, the weather, their job, their kids, you name it, you got it it. And instead I want to START to evaluate the bothersome situation for what it is. And if its out of my control, I am going to turn my focus to Jesus and be thankful. If I can change some things, then I am going to prayerfully move forward asking for a solution and the strength and wisdom to implement it.

#2- STOP feeling bad about a lot of little things.

Do you do this too? I tell my hubby I feel bad that he has to help with a computer/ phone/ (electronics in general) issue, again! Or I tell my kids I feel bad they have to do the dishes for me if I am running out the door somewhere. Or I feel bad if I don’t respond to a friends call or msg. I feel bad if I need help, or if I feel as if I am putting someone out. The list goes on. I found myself saying that regularly last year and I have been convicted that it is a bad habit. I am going to need help at times. I don’t have to be shameful about asking others and preface it with, “I feel bad”. If I need to say that I am sorry, than I will. If I need to give understanding to my choice than it will have depth and truth than quick words of, “I feel bad”. I want to START practicing having a humble heart and attitude.

#3- STOP feeling worried about being tired or too busy.

I wake up some days and my first thoughts are I am going to be tired (especially if I didn’t sleep all that well). And my next thoughts are I will never get all I need to do that day done and just be busy all day. And it is sometimes followed with the thought that I should have gotten up earlier (and my hubby and I are early risers) to ensure I get all those things done. That THOUGHT pattern is not helpful. I haven’t even been up for 5 minutes and I already have myself placed at dinner time in a matter of seconds. And as I reflect back, I notice that I am often not as tired as I think and get more done than I maybe anticipated.  So I am going to START by praying that Jesus will gently point to me when I jump on the Too Tired/Busy Bus. And then ask Him to purpose my day. To show me what He has for me. Who He has for me. And to entrust to Him to stretch my time in all that He has called me to do. It is my “nothing more or nothing less than what You have for me prayer”.

#4- STOP Super managing plans.

Planning is good. Preparation brings productivity and thought out mtgs, days, goals. Please don’t take away my to-do list app, or my Post- It Notes on my desk or my little pad of paper in my bathroom drawer when I do my best thinking while blow drying my hair 🙂 SUPER managing planning is different. It is in a league of its own and comes with worry, rehearsing and rehashing, sleepless nights and anxiety driven irritability. THIS has been a long term work of God in my heart. And in 2017 I want to START having my days reflect Isaiah 41:13, “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand. It is I, who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” Do you see all those I’s in that sentence. THIS is a promise. Does my day-to-day activities reflect that the GOD of the universe is holding my hand like a dad’s big, strong hand holding the little hand of his daughter? I am starting off this year holding God’s hand tightly back.

What are some things you want to Start, Stop or Differently? We want to hear!

We wish you a DELIGHTFUL 2017 friends!!!




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