Fashion Formula

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by Angela

I am a visual learner and I like to see something that I like and then tweak it to work for me. So that is what I have learned to do with fashion! Learned is the key word šŸ™‚ Here is a picture of me in the mid 90’s.Angela 1

IĀ  am the one on the left holding the cute baby. šŸ™‚ Not that great of a picture. Can you imagine selfies in the 90’s??Ā  I know that some of the terribleness is the 90’s fashion. But, I am not sure what I was thinking with the long necklace length and my hair is, well, I am not exactly sure. My jeans were baggier than my sweet Grandma’s two people over! My Mom’s, (sitting next to me) patterned pants make me chuckle too, but then again- this is the 9o’s so you must take that into account and please don’t pin this picture to pinterest! šŸ™‚

So please remember, when you think you will never be fashionable, that you can learn some tips!! I did and then I reuse them!

So onto the Fashion Formula! It’s simple and can be switched up a bit to your personality!

Neutral + Color/ Pattern/texture + Completer/ Accessories= Outfit

Formula used with dressy outfits:

Animal Print Fashion Formula


Neutral (Black Shirt) + Color (Pants) + Completer (Trench Coat, also included in the pattern) +accessories (Jewelry which ties into the pastel color of my pants).

Black and White Fashion Formula

Neutral (Black Slacks) + Color (White Blouse) + Completer (Red Animal Print Heels and Jewelry). Black and White gives endless options as they are a great neutral and color combo to add a completer in shoes, jewelry in pops of color, and jackets and purse and well, you get the idea!

Fashion Formula for Casual Outfits:

Shorts Fashion Formula

Neutral (Navy Shirt) + Texture (shorts) + Completer (purse & jewelry that color coordinate and fun shoes).

Scarf Fashion Formula

Neutral (Jeans) + Color (White Shirt) + Completer (Scarf) +Accessories (Bracelet with a pop of color and Earrings)

Formula for an outfits for church, date nights or meeting girlfriends:

Cheveron Dress

Neutral (Charcoal Gray Tights) + Pattern (Chevron Print Dress) + Completer (Denim Jacket) +Accessories(Colorful jewelry and Turquoise Cowboy Boots)

Belt Fashion Formula

Neutral (Jeans) + Pattern (Animal Print Shirt) +Completer (Belt) + Accessories (Trendy booties and Gold Jewelry)

So a couple take aways to sum it up:

  1. Invest in some great jeans that fit you. They will be a staple neutral in your wardrobe.
  2. Find colors that look best with your skin and hair color!
  3. Explore what patterns and textures are your signature style and say something about you!
  4. You can mix up your completer/accessory step in endless possibilities! That step polishes your outfit…it’s like the sprinkles on the cupcake!

Have fun!




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5 thoughts on “Fashion Formula

  1. My Hearts at Home

    So what colors do you classify as neutrals? I would have thought that khaki and white were neutrals, but you list them as colors.


      Great question! I would generally list neutral as denim, black, khaki. Yet I have read that animal print has become a neutral as it does become a good neutralizer and matches many things. On some outfits that I am not sure what purse matches best. I choose my animal print purse and I always love the way it looks! So that is a great point to the formula, you can mix in some of the elements into other areas. Just aim to have a mix of the elements šŸ™‚ Does that help?

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