Family Pictures: 10 Steps to the Perfect Outfits

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by Laura

You don’t want to admit it and neither do I, but it is time to get those pictures taken for the Christmas cards!  Family pictures can put fear and trembling into a lot of moms, and I know a few husbands who would rather have a cavity filled without novocain than take pictures. 

There’s the outfit picking, the photographer prices, and then the ordeal of getting  You know this gold standard? The picture where everyone is looking at the camera, no tears in the eyes, and everyone is super happy about the clothes they get to wear?  HA!  

Growing up as a photographer’s daughter and doing some very basic photography myself I can see how the outfit really does help pull the entire look together, so I’ve come up with 10 things to consider when planning outfits for your family portrait.  

1. Location


If you are taking pictures in a grass field, an urban setting, or inside with a backdrop, you are going to want your outfits to contrast and compliment the background instead of blend in.  If you are wanting some outside nature photos, you might want to steer away from wearing the exact color of the grass you are sitting in.  If you want to take pictures on the steps of a museum, kaki colored clothing might not be your best choice.  This doesn’t mean you have to have a super bright or opposite color, but just enough different that you aren’t all blending in.  

2. Formality


Think about how formal you want your picture to look.  Are you going for casual t-shirts and shorts, all out with dresses and heels, somewhere in the middle?  Our Easter picture above was pretty formal, and this was, believe it or not, the best picture of all of us together.   

3. First Piece 


Next step is to pick one piece that you want to build the families outfits around.  Maybe it’s a shirt of your husband’s, a skirt of your daughter’s, or even a bow tie for your son.  Start with one piece and work from there. For our family pictures coming up I loved a new checkered shirt of Eric’s, and so I decided to start with this.  

4. Color Story


 Now you’ll need to decide what you are going to do with the other members of the family, so let’s create a color story.  Do you want a more neutral look with whites, browns, creams? Do you want soft colors, bright colors, or statement pieces? Once you have thought through a color story, walk into each person’s closet and choose a few different items that go with that story.  Think compliment, not match.

For me, I found Eva and Malachi’s complimenting pieces easily, but I had a hard time choosing a top for me.  I found four that I liked and each one brought a different feel to the picture. 



See what I mean?  The navy makes the outfits cool and would look great in an urban setting.  The teal softens my look up a little but still adds a color pop.  The Grey sweater softens up the picture but won’t look great in the background we are going to, (state capital), and the Tan is also a nice soft color but again, will not be a good fit for our location.  I’m torn between the navy and the teal.  Which would you choose?  

5. Fashion Formula 


Apply Angela’s Fashion Formula to creating each person’s outfit.  1.  Neutral.  2.  Color/Pattern/Texture 3.  Completer.  You can read more about it here.  Especially if you are going with a more neutral feel to your family pictures like we did in California picture above, the fashion formula is going to take your look from blah to wow!  

If you love neutrals or even gravitate to one color, each person’s outfit needs to have texture, (think knits, lace, overlays) or patterns, and slightly different colors so that you are not the amoeba family.  You can add sweet neutral accessories that keep your look soft, but give an individual look to each person.  

6. Lay it out


Bring all the options together into one place. At this point in the process begin to lay out the items or hang them up to see how they look all together.  Does anything clash?  Are their competing pieces?  Is it too loud, too blah?  

7. Pop not blend


Here is where I look at each piece next to the others and make sure no two people are going to blend together.  See me and my cute friends together? Because we are wearing jean jackets we meld into each other.  

In a family picture if I am wearing a navy shirt and my daughter has on a navy dress we will blend into one big blob, but if we choose complimentary outfits we will each have our own shape to our own body lines and each outfit stands apart from the others.  I especially do this with the pant/skirt choices.  Again, If I have on olive green pants and my son is hugging my leg in the picture with an olive shirt, we blend instead of pop.  

8. Take a Picture  


Now on your bed, or the floor, or your curtain rod, lay out all the clothes with pants, skirts etc, and take a picture. You might be surprised how things look in the picture vs. how they look in real life.  That awesome detail you love in your shirt doesn’t show up in the picture, do you want to keep it or change it for something else.  Notice your husband and son’s pants are the same color and don’t pop, think about what you can do to change it up.  

9. Try on clothes


At this point in the process you should be pretty settled on what everyone is wearing, but try on any clothes that haven’t been worn before to determine if someone needs an undershirt, a different size, tights, or is completely uncomfortable with your choice.  Better to have knowledge and tears before picture day!  

10.  Accessorize  


My favorite part of pictures is deciding on the accessories which is the “completer” part of the Fashion Formula.  Shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry, hats, cardigans, jackets, ALL these things pull the looks together.  Here’s my friend’s family who used a coral necklace to continue the color story of her son’s shirt throughout the picture and it looks ADORABLE!


Ok!  You guys are ready for family photo season!  Best of luck friends!     


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Top Picks to Carry Over into my Fall Capsule

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by Angela

New season means a New Capsule Wardrobe 🙂  I start my new season capsule by shopping in my closet.  My hubby likes when I shop in my closet! It saves money right off the bat. I refresh myself what I had from last Fall and what I am currently loving in my Summer Capsule. Then I start by pulling those two things together. I then make a list of what pieces I would like to add.  These are my results from shopping in my closet with what I already had.



Cardigans may be my favorite things to add back in after a long hot summer.  They are just what I need to keep myself from complete summer capsule boredom the last few weeks of hot weather.  They are an easy way to add a finishing touch to complete my outfits and add variety with some of my tank tops, shorts and summer dresses.  Make a note of how your cardigans are looking. Do you need to replace some that are not looking so good? Do you want to add in a color that you know will go with at least 3 or more of your outfits. Add that color to your Capsule Wardrobe Worksheet.  cardigan-sweaters


Flannel Shirt-

I have taken notice in the few store catalogs that I get in the mail that flannel shirts are still on trend. I was glad to see this, as I liked my flannel shirt that I bought last Fall and was excited to add it back in. I have noticed a cute way they are being accessorized is by tying them around your waste with a comfy dress.  Little freebie- This adorable t-shirt dress is my new LulaRoe dress. It is a capsule must- have 🙂 I went over to Kirstin’s, my LulaRoe friend, and wore the dress home it was such a perfect fit.


Converse Style Tennis Shoes-

I like when on trend is causal. These comfy shoes can be added with your jeans, shorts (nice change from your sandals) and even your causal dresses (like my new LulaRoe Dress- so so so so cute!) They come in all sorts of colors- I went with a neutral color last year and am not sorry! The best known brand of this style is Converse,  but there are many other stores that carry some. These are from one of my favorite store- Maurices. converse-style-tennis-shoes


Tassel Jewelry-

Tassels are everywhere. And like with many trends I was skeptical of all this fringe and tassels at first. But it has stayed on trend. And it grew on me and I like it. It will add a new twist to some older pieces of my capsule by giving them an updated look.  Premier Designs Jewelry offers some fabulous Tassle Necklace Options. Each one of these necklaces pictured can be worn in multiple ways!


Don’t let the in between of seasons rattle you. Embrace the mix of summer and fall. Wear your jeans with your sandels, your hoodies with your shorts.  Soon enough we will be talking about our sweaters and boots!

Want to refresh yourself on the Capsule Wardrobe?

We may earn commission on products listed.

Want to get in touch with a Premier Designs Jewelry or LulaRoe Consultant, comment here and we will get you in touch 🙂

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Getting Ready with Angela and Laura: Our Current Favorites

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by Angela and Laura

Hey Friends!  Time to do another top 10 favorites!  In no particular order here we go.

ONE: Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

Mary Kay Msacara

Angela: Just started using this Brand New Mascara and it didn’t disappoint. It has two parts on the brush. A shorter brush to get the base of the upper lashes that I also use that part on my lower lash line. And a longer part of the brush to give length to lashes. The mascara itself is a nice thickness and I have had no clumping when applying. For everyday wear I am happy with one application.

Mascara before and after 3

If I need to touch up later in the day or want a thicker, fuller lash look several applications easily achieve that look. If you need a Mary Kay Lady, comment on our blog and we will get your in touch with one of our Delightful Mary Kay friends!

TWO: Mary Kay Eye Primer

eye primer

Laura: No, we aren’t a Mary Kay commercial, but these first two products have us emoji fist-pounding our favorite Mary Kay ladies.  This eye primer has been an awesome addition to my morning routine.  A rainbow sprinkle amount will cover both eye lids, and your eye shadow will not crease at all that day.  

THREE: Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Angela: My daughter Rachel introduced me to this dry shampoo and it’s the best I have ever used! It is a light spray and gives my second day or sometimes third day from washing, just the update I need to get me through.  If I need some texture on the day I wash my hair this does the job. It has a good scent, (several options to choose from). There is also a spray that is a darker color for dark brown hair. The best price we have seen to buy it is TJ Maxx, (who knew?) or you can find it here.

FOUR: Maskcara Cream Blush

liquid blush

Laura: Cream blush?  Who knew.  I am loving this blush.  The color looked SO intimidating on my Casper the Friendly Ghost skin, but one quick dot on each cheek and a quick stipple with my brush gave me some sweet cheeks. It is super pigmented so it is going to last me a very.long.time. Now sold in tins, and with six different colors to choose from so I don’t think you can go wrong here.  

FIVE: Maskcara Cosmetics Pallet

Maskcara pallet

Angela: Laura introduced me to Maskara because appearantly I need referrals for all my beauty products. I am one who finds something and then just uses the products as I am a bit scared to try something new. Right around my 40th birthday, Laura sent me links to Masckara Website and her how to video’s. It was just the new update that I needed with turning 40.   I started drawing in my eyebrows and shading under neath my lower lip and this whole contour and highlight- it was all new for me. I was at a weekend training with my Premier Designs Business and my roommates were asking me what I was doing for my make- up routine! That is a FIRST!!!  So I highly recommend the contour and highlight pallet. My favorite might be the Illuminator, (2nd one over next to blush). I use it in the inner corner of my eyes, just above my check bone and right under my brow. I feel like it just really makes me look more awake and refreshed. And when I need to touch up in the day the Illuminator is my go to!

SIX: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

eye pencil

Laura: I haven’t ever used anything NYX before, but these next two products have been a home run hit!  I can find them quick, and on amazon because I don’t have a lot of shopping time these days.  This pencil looks SO strange, and believe me, I thought so too.  This is not an every day use product for me, but definitely on date nights, and for pictures I am LOVING this.  I use it in my tear line to make my eyes appear bigger and brighter, and I use it right under my eyebrows to highlight that area and increase separation from eyebrow to skin.  

SEVEN: NYX Finishing Powder 

finishing powder

Laura: Can we talk about setting powders?  Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to have tried them, but this powder is SO good.  For the last 10 years I’ve been a die hard Clinique powder girl, and then my old Clinique ran out and I kept seeing people talk about setting powders- I was skeptical, WHITE POWDER on my WHITE SKIN???!!!  But, I was allowing myself a Target run, (which I don’t often do because I spend too much when I go), and I wrote down some recommendations.  I found this one for 10.00.  I love it, it goes on translucent, not white, which-here’s a thought; Why would I spend all my time putting on makeup only to throw a different color powder over the top of the whole thing and mess it all up?  Why did I do that?  I use my beauty blender or a powder brush to put it on and it makes my skin a matte, baby soft, makeup locked jail of beauty.  

EIGHT: Mary Kay Eye Brow Pencil 

eyebrow pencil

Laura: Ever since I started doing my eyebrows four years ago it has been a part of my daily routine.  Even if I’m keeping it simple, eyebrows are a must for me now.  I love this brow pencil.  I don’t need to worry about it smudging off, it is a great shade for me as a red head, and my blonde sister looks great in it too!  

NINE: Hairspray 

Hair Spray

Angela: LOVE my Tresemme hairspray and really like that I can find it at whatever store I am at! I don’t buy a lot of drugstore beauty supplies, but this is one that I have found just as good as the more expensive brands. Why pay more if you don’t have to? I have VERY straight hair with not very much body. So the days that I add some curls into my hair, I have to have a strong hold hair spray. Tresemme #4 does the trick! I have tried the other numbers, but have returned to #4 extra hold.

TEN: NORWEX Makeup Remover Body Cloth 

Norwex Makeup returner

Angela: I am new to the Norwex world of products. Again, Laura first told me about them. I went to visit her and she had a Norwex Make-up Remover cloth for me to use. She is a great hostess like that!!!  I rarely ok actually never took off my make up at night! I know all my Mary Kay friends are gasping!!!! I felt like I really didn’t need to as my makeup all kind of worked its way off through out my day anyway. (Until I started using Maskara Cosmetic Pallet and the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara!!) So I immediately liked the Norwex Makeup Remover. It was easy, even took off heavy duty mascara with a few swipes! I like that I just had to use water and that I could throw it in the washing machine for repeated use. I can use it for several days with just a little Norwex dish soap rinse between uses. (It dries quick and without smell). The cloth holds in the moisture, so when you raise it up to remove your eye makeup the water doesn’t run down my arms. It is soft and gentle on my eyes and face too.

We love sharing these products with you guys because they have been tried and tested and have come out on top!  Have a Delightful Monday! 

We may receive commission from purchases made from these links, but that’s never our motivation for sharing.  

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Sneaky little Half Tee

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Let me see if this has happened to you.  You bought a cute shirt or dress, get up the next morning ready to wear it and you realize, the garment can’t stand alone.  

Here are some potential reasons why:

  1. Fabric is too thin.  Your bra lines are going to show through. 
  2. The fabric is too see-through.  Whether you’re wearing a white shirt or the cloth shows skin or undergarment color you aren’t comfortable just wearing the top shirt. 
  3. The garment is going to instantly show sweat or sweat stains.
  4. The neckline is low, or when you bend over you expose skin from your neck to your belly!  
Demi Tee Before and after

Angela and I both bought these baseball tees but they are SO thin that our bra’s are just waving HELLO! Love that the demi tee removes those lines!

I have definitely had these issues and usually a tank top or cami has been a quick fix, but then I have tank top lines to replace bra lines, I can’t save my white button down shirt from sweat stains, the tank has to be tucked in or it comes out the bottom of the shirt, not to mention, it’s too hot to wear a tank top under a shirt in the summer! 

SO, when I was at DownEast I found a white, but thin shirt that I loved. I needed something under it when I tried it on, and here’s what I found!  The Demi Tee.  

The Half Tee 

This half tee helps take my thin grey shirt to a more comfortable coverage level for me!

This half tee helps take my thin grey shirt to a more comfortable coverage level for me!

The Demi Tee from DownEast is made from 95% cotton and 5 % spandex.  I love how super thin, light, and breathable it is, yet offers great coverage at the same time.  This half tee can also be ordered in black, or nude, and they occasionally have colorful options too!  At just over 10.00, this is an easy yes.  And for my Amazon shoppers, I found one for you here , for less than 10.00!  I have worn mine at least once a week since I bought it last month.  

What are the Benefits of a Half Tee? 

Love the layering and modesty the half tee adds to this low cut mint shirt . I also love that I can look put together with out came or tank top lines under this white shirt, and there's a layer of protection from armpit stains!

Love the layering and modesty the half tee adds to this low cut mint shirt . I also love that I can look put together without cami or tank top lines under this white shirt, and there’s a layer of protection from potential armpit stains!

  1. Creates layers without the bulk
  2. Protects white shirts from arm pit stains
  3. Makes layering cooler during the summer
  4. Reduces lines under clothing from bras or tank tops
  5. Makes strappy tank top and dresses more versatile
This dress is SO cute but I've never worn it without a jacket or cardigan on top. This will be a perfect way for me to wear it this summer but stay modest.

This dress is SO cute but I’ve never worn it without a jacket or cardigan on top. This will be a perfect way for me to wear it this summer but stay modest.

Whether it’s modesty, comfortability, or clothing durability this simple wardrobe addition is a great piece to add in at around 10.00! 

This post is not sponsored by DownEast, we just love their stuff.  However if you do purchase from amazon, we may receive commission from that purchase.  

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Bathing Suit Shopping in your 30’s and 40’s

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by Angela

I typically like to shop. But I am always a bit hesitant when it comes to bathing suit shopping. The older I have gotten, the more tricky I have found it to be. Bathing suits typically cost on the higher end and you don’t wear them but once in a while in the Spring/ Summer months. They don’t always have much material to them and what might fit on top doesn’t fit as well on the bottom or vice versa! When you are a Mom with young kids you have to be prepared to bend over or wrestle your kids around a bit in the pool. Moms of older kids will want a suit that they can waterski in or go to a water park with their kids. And lets face it as you get older it’s nice to have some troubled spots not so visual!! And modest- is that even an option? So bathing suit shopping takes some planning, research and LOTS of trying on.

Bathing Suits of Yesterday Year

Photo courtesy of my friend June Dobbs. The beautiful smiling women on the right is her Grandmother.

I love this picture of women’s bathing suits and caps of the 1920’s. I have to ask myself if women struggled with bathing suit shopping then as we do now a days? I have some bathing suit research to share that hopefully might help you!

Where NOT to go:

We can start by crossing a few things off the list right away!

Definitely do not go to Target. You can find A LOT of things at Target, but the bathing suit options are mostly geared at teens and 20 year olds. I am not a Target hater. I actually get a bit excited when I walk into Target as I usually find just what I am looking for and more there. As I recently walked through the Target’s bathing suit section, there were lots of bikini and one pieces suits that were missing most of their entire middle sections! They had a few bathing suits that were geared at older women, but maybe only 4. They did have a several good cover up options though. (Maybe for those swim suits that were missing so much fabric:)) So keep Target cover ups in mind when we get to that part of the post.

Other stores to avoid is the target audience of teens. Forever 21 might not be a good place to start. But don’t worry there are LOTS of stores in between the Forever 21 and the old lady section of the department store. Let’s talk about some of those!

Where to start looking:

So many stores have online websites. So that will help you begin to sort through some places to go. Here is a list to start with in no particular order.

  1. Downeast. They have a whole Swim Section on their website with 60 options to view. They are colorful, cute, versatile and have modest cuts.  Downeast Swim has lots of Takini Options too. I would like to give the creator of the takini a hug. They make life in a swim suit easier and cover so much more. Downeast average Takini shirt was $39, Bottoms were $29 and one piece $49.
  2. Macys.  I looked on the Macys Website on the Swimwear Section. They have lots of options. You can narrow your search to Active Swimwear, for those who do more in their bathing suit than just lie on the towel to get a tan. You know,  for the active Mom with children around a pool or ocean! You can also search Impulse Swimwear. I guess you buy plunging neckline bathing suits on an impulse? The bathing suits in this section is more for those just laying very still on a beach towel. You can’t move because if you did move too quickly you would be exposing things you didn’t want to expose! They did have all sorts of suits in the Impulse section so be sure to take a look. You will get a few chuckles at least and agree that the only way to buy some of these suits would have to be majorly impulsive. Macys had about 190 Swimwear to browse through and there average price was between $40- $80.
  3. Kohl’s. They had lots online to browse. Maybe too many 235. Just that many kind of overwhelmed me. They did have some good categories to narrow in down with though and you could mark several options that you might be looking for like if you wanted a razorback takini.  They had a good selection of Women’s and Plus sizes. Kohl’s average price is $35.
  4. Athleta. They offer active swimwear for those who actually move around and swim in their suits. You can get an Athleta Catalog or look online. In my research I found that some of the Gap stores in my area carry this brand.  The active/ sporty Swimwear gives good coverage and with lots of options. There prices were on average a bit higher$45- $98 , but many of their suits are made out of Lycra which means a better fit and shape retention.  My daughter pointed out to me that Athleta has a great Sale Section Online too.  My favorite bathing suit that I saw from Athleta is the Swim Dress.

    Swim Dress

    Photo from Athleta Website.

  5. Land’s End.  Has lots of options of all the swim wear with good coverage and cute styles. They have a good range of sizes from Petite to Tall. Some Sears Stores carry the Land’s End clothes. And there are several outlets. What I liked best with Land’s End was their mix and match options of swim shorts and skirts with their takini’s. Land’s End Prices ranged at about $50 for the tops and $50 for the bottoms.
Ready to Try On:

Now that you have done some familiarizing online you will be ready to go the brick and mortar stores and  do some trying on. Be prepared to try on, not necessarily buy a suit yet. And here a few things to remember.

  1. Go shopping prepared in comfortable easy to change clothes.
  2. Set aside a time when you are not rushed.
  3. Take lots of options into the dressing room. And use a helpful store clerk. Tell them you are here to try on some suits and plan to try lots. Ask them to check back in with you regularly. You can also take a trusted friend along to help you get sizes and give you feedback.
  4. Look for suits in your best colors. Best neckline. Best coverage for your troubled spots.
  5. Try on a few suits that you are not sure about it. You might be surprised.
  6. Make two piles- Like it/ Leave it. You will know almost instantly when you try it on if you need to put it in the leave it. The like it pile might have a few maybes. If you are not sure than LEAVE It. Your goal is find a suit that is a LOVE it.
  7. Use your Capsule Wardrobe Principles. Don’t just settle on a suit. Find one that you love and that will mix and match into other things in your wardrobe.

So many of these stores offer online purchasing. Consider ordering a suit and trying it on in the comfort of your own home. Remember a few extra things.

  1. Look into the return policy of how to return the suit if it doesn’t fit.
  2. Do some good measuring of your bust, waist and hips before you order and follow the ordering guide that is provided. Don’t guess on this step.
Extra Things To Consider:
  1. Look for swim wear that has some slimming features.  Loved this description of a suit at Nordstroms. “A crisscrossed bust with a flattering sweetheart neckline sets off a slimming maillot with a ruched midriff that camouflages real and imagined flaws.” Because really, whether the flaws are real or imagined we feel better covering them up!!! Look on Pinterest or check out some websites, like this one that will help you decide what type of suit is the best for your body shape.  The Nordstrom suit above also has shoulder straps that are adjustable to help with support. And if you need it, add some extra bra padding into your suit.
  2. Land’s End has the best variety of swim/ board shorts and skirts. They had shorter and longer length shorts. Swim shorts offer even more coverage and I have always liked mine when I have been kayaking or boating. Land’s End also had a pair of swim leggings. Not only do they give some extra protection from the sun, they are a trendy way to keep warm on cooler beach days.
  3. Swim shirts offer not only sun protection but can add a fun element to your swim wear look. Land’s End had the best options by far. Cute designs that don’t look like the typical swim shirt like this one.
    Swim Shirt Resized

    Photo from Lands End Website.

    Or a zippered jacket style rash guard

    Zippered Rash Guard Resized

    Photo from Land’s End Website.


  4. Adding a Cover Up to your Swimsuit Wardrobe is another option. It can add color and is nice for walking around at the beach or pool. Every store I researched  had some cover up options. Here is one from Macy’s that I liked. Personally my favorite cover up that I have found is a white dress style cover up that I have been able to wear for several seasons and with many different swim suit colors and styles.

    White Cover Up

    Here I am at one of my favorite beaches. Balboa in CA.

  5. And lastly, we can’t talk about swim wear without talking about accessories- Sunhat, glasses, beach bag and jewelry! (I am a Jewelry Lady after all!) Your hat and glasses add another element of sun protection and the possibilities are limitless! Hats are trending so there seems to be even more options. Like a bathing suit, take some time to search for one that fits you well and that you love. If you have a Stein Mart near you, they are best hidden secret to things like hats, sunglasses and purses! Stein Mart has these things at good prices too! This hat is $19.99.
    Steinmart Hat Resized

    Photo from Stein Mart Website.

    This Beach Bag is a GOOD find!

    As for jewelry! If you are just sitting on the beach or relaxing by the pool, complete your look and wear some fun summery earrings and maybe a sporty/ casual turquoise bracelet!

    Beach Bound Bracelet

    Premier Designs Beach Bound Bracelet

    You will want to be careful with what jewelry you wear if you are swimming or extra sun lotion-ed up!

So, my delightful friends and readers, it is time for you to step out “into the waters” and begin your swimsuit search. Summer is coming! And one last thing, whether a size 2 or 22 or if your “flaws or real or imagined” remember that you are worth more than that! Your value doesn’t come from your size, but because you are created by a glorious Creator. You have the fingerprints of God on You. He finds you a delight- and so do we!!!

Sandy Toes

Sandy toes and salty kisses are a good reason to find a great swim suit and get to the beach!

We won’t make commissions from most of these links, we just like you and wanted to help you have the best swimsuit shopping experience you could have.


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