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by Angela and Laura

Hello Delightful!  We are so excited you are checking out our new blog!  We’ll answer a few questions and then let you start perusing the site!

Q: Why did you want to start a blog?

ANG: I have always enjoyed following blogs and have found myself thinking- I would like to blog on that someday! Or telling my family- if I had a blog I would “talk” about that. I have mentioned several times to Laura-we should start a blog! And I have totally agreed with people when they have posted on Laura’s Facebook that she should blog! So I am excited to share these things that have been stirring inside of me to share!

LAURA: When I was little my dad nick-named me “The Informer”.  There was not a place he could take me, (out for french fries) or thing he could hide, (new fishing pole) because I would HAVE to tell my mom when we got home.  I am a teller.  I LOVE to share information, I love to write, I love to tell other people what I’m learning.  When someone is going to have a baby, BAM I have seven PDF files to send them, anyone moving over seas? BAM here’s everything you want to know…So, a blog is my way of being the informer full-time!

Q: Where did you come up with the name?

ANG: For me, its kind of a long back story! So for a long story short- I still have the bulletin from May 6, 2007 where the words of the hymn Trust and Obey are printed out! I have it tucked away in a drawer in my nightstand, by the side of my bed where I have some odds and ends and special things! When I sang this old hymn on May 6- two lines choked me up! “But we never can prove the delights of His Love”, and “What He says we will do, where He sends we will go”. Still chokes me up today! I have trusted and obeyed and I have seen the delights! Oh the never ending delights!!!!

LAURA: As a children’s leader for BSF, we teach the kids hymns every week and, “Trust and Obey” is one the kids and the adults really enjoy.  It sums up the recipe for a good relationship with Jesus, if we trust that He has our BEST in mind, and obey because we know his perimeters are for our good, then our lives here on earth, and in heaven will be delightful.

Q: What are you going to write about?

ANG: Our main topics are listed on top of our blog- things that bring us delight!!!  Family, Fashion, Food and Fitness, Faith 🙂 And we have a few fun features planned- like our Best Friends Guides to_____. I will let Laura tell you what is planned for March 🙂

LAURA: March is going to be awesome!  We will be having a March Mealtime Makeover.  All month long we’ll be sharing tips, everything from organizing a pantry, how to plan a week’s worth of meals at a time, grocery shopping with kid hints, some of our favorite family approved recipes, how to have a meaningful dinner time, and so much more.  It will be an awesome reboot to your current system.

Q. What are your current favorites?

Ang: Premier Designs Jewelry Spring Jewelry Line, Fixer Upper, Pioneer Women Kitchen & Dishes Line, morning walks with John 🙂

LAURA: the Bible App, eyeshadow primer, Whole 30, and Against All Grain cookbook.

Thanks for stopping by friends!  Now go check out the site! Here’s a few of our favorite posts. 

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