Best Friends Guide to: Encouraging your Pastor’s Wife

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by Angela

I have been a married to a Pastor for my whole married life! Well besides the small while, that we made an across the world move, and John was a Poolman and Construction Worker for a season. I liked that construction job. We got lots of things for our home that people were getting rid of- like carpet, windows and kitchen cabinets!!

But anyway- another story, another blog! Back to being a pastor’s wife 🙂 Every wife of a husband who works has some perks and minuses that go with their job! I have always found the pastor wife role a bit unique in that you go to work once a week with your husband! In a very public way! We didn’t go to work with my Dad in the computer world weekly. We maybe went to a few company picnics- but that seemed way different. So going to work regularly with your husband can make things complex! So here are a few tips if you are looking to encourage your pastor wife!

FIND SOMETHING THAT SHE LIKES. Each pastor’s wife has their own personalities, with their own likes and dislikes. Different from any previous pastor’s wife’s you have known and different than her husband. One of the pastor’s wife’s I knew loved to go to Tea. Another loved to read! Another found hiking as way to recharge! Do a little studying of your pastor’s wife and ask her about that when you see her. Get her a gift card to do that favorite thing. Ask her to join you to do it! Don’t assume she is too busy to do something fun with a friend. Every pastor’s wife has a different level of busyness- but if everyone is assuming that they are busy, they might actually be lonely.

GIVE HER THE GIFT OF BABYSITTING. If your pastor’s wife has young children. Offer her a gift of watching her children so that she and her hubby can enjoy a date night. Or she can go do some errands or get her haircut. Some pastor husbands work from home and people might assume they don’t need a babysitter, but their husbands are working -and some free time would be great!!

CARD OF ENCOURAGEMENT. Sometimes pastors and their wives only hear the discouragement of church goers! If something has encouraged you or you have prayed for your pastor’s wife. Send her a note. Or even a text. 🙂

BE A SECRET FRIEND. Sometimes leaders find people just want to be their friends for the perks of how it looks for them. Invite your pastor’s wife over without having to post in on social media. Be a friend when no one else is looking for no other reason than just enjoying a friend. Talk about non-church related things.

Now off you go to send a text or do some thinking of what your pastors wife loves most! How encouraged your pastors wife is going to be and therefore… your pastor too!!

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