Basket of Chocolate

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by Laura

When Eric and I lived in Northern California, every Thursday night the young Air Force officers would gather together to watch TV, and we’d all make dinner and dessert together.  It was SO much fun and we made a lot of crazy recipes.  Remember the taco bell Crunchew-eze?  We tried to make it!

Any who, one night we decided to make oreo truffles.  Three ingredients, oreos, cream cheese, and melted chocolate.  They were so yummy and ever since, when Valentine’s Day comes around, we make them.  If you have time to run to the store, and about two hours of time, (including awake and active kids), you can make these chocolate dipped truffles, strawberries and chips!  What a fun thing to do tomorrow or Saturday morning as a family!

Things you’ll need:

  1. Chocolate Almond Bark, (Easiest). Semi-Sweet, or Bittersweet chocolate (Yummiest).  Optional white chips.
  2. Oreo Package
  3. Cream Cheese
  4. Wavy Potato Chips
  5. Strawberries
  6. Parchment Paper
  7. Sprinkles

Things to Prep: 

  1.  A work space ( I use the entire kitchen table)
  2. 3 cookie sheets with parchment paper
  3. Get out the strawberries, chips, sprinkles, and a few forks.
  4. Room in the fridge and freezer for those cookie sheets to go in.
  5. Food Processor, Kitchen Aid or hand mixer for the truffles.
  6. Cooking spray or oil.

melted chocolate

First you’ll melt your chocolate.  The Almond Bark can be microwaved according to the package and takes just a few minutes.  If you are using chips, melt those over a double boiler, (pot with an inch of simmering water with a glass bowl on top).  If you want to use white chocolate melt this as well, but take caution white chips love to burn, so LOW heat and lots of stirring, ok?

Stir the chocolate and make sure it is COMPLETELY melted, and then move your chocolate vessel to your work station.  If you have used a double boiler CAREFUL, that bowl is going to be hot!

dipped strawberries

Now the dipping begins.  I dip the strawberries first.  Just take the stem, dip them in, and lay them on the parchment.  After all the strawberries are dipped put that sheet in the fridge.


Then I move to the chips.  Dip and lay.  This is mind blowing people I know.  Put those chips into the fridge and I DARE you to make them last more than 24 hours.

Grab the strawberries if you want to add a little white chocolate.  Take a fork and put it into the white chocolate, scrape it off in the bowl and draw the fork across the strawberry a few times.  Or you could just dip the tips in the white.  Back in the fridge they go!


Now combine 37 Oreos and a package of cream cheese in whatever mixing device you desire.  Using a SPRAYED or oiled cookie scoop, or spoon, dish out a little less than a tablespoon of the oreo mixture onto your well oiled hands.  Roll into little balls and put on parchment, and put those in the FREEZER.

While those are in the freezer your strawberries and chips should be hard, so put them into their own containers, and do a little clean up while you wait about 30 minutes for those truffles.

Now, can I just tell you that I am NOT a perfectionist when it comes to these truffles.  I’ve tried plopping the ball into the chocolate and retrieving it with two forks onto the paper, I’ve poked the truffle with a thermometer, dunked it and transferred to paper, I’ve picked it up with the fork, made it take the chocolate swim, and then remove the fork on the paper and spooned a little chocolate on top of the fork depression.

It doesn’t really matter how you do it, you are NOT allowed to stress about if they look pretty or not.  You are not allowed to get grumpy about the mess either. Immediately after EACH truffle is dipped sprinkle the tops with cute crunchy sprinkles.  These sprinkles hide some of your dirty work and make them festive!

Now these can go in the fridge and you can clean up!  Chocolate left over?  Dip some pretzels? Dip the remaining whole Oreo cookies.  Dip a banana and freeze it.

valentine's basket

Now, remember those super easy baskets I found on Monday, fill up a basket with a little paper, plop in the chocolates, grab some leftover ribbon from a craft you did and can you even believe it?  How cute are these?  Drop them off to your girl friends, put them on the table during Valentines dinner, or take them to some neighbors you’ve been meaning to meet.

Happy Valentines Day.  I hope you know you are loved.



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