Baked Potato Bar

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by Angela

With being a wife of a pastor, I often serve lunch or light dinner for a meeting. Sundays after church are a great time for meetings! Yet people are ready for lunch. One of my favorite meals to prepare is a Baked Potato Bar.  With food allergies or likes or dislikes, a lunch where people can pick their own toppings is a must! The prep is easy, the potatoes can cook while I am church, the cost is good for a crowd, and the results are yummy!! Here are the steps I follow.

I like to do as much prep as early as I can, especially for larger groups. Clean those potatoes the day before. And use your Norwex Fruit and Veggie cloth. What? You don’t have one? You will want to get one. It makes cleaning potatoes really easy. I have a Norwex lady so let me know if you need her information. 


Next you will want to poke some slits in the potatoes and rub some sea salt all over the outside skins. Place them on a large cooking sheet and set them aside until you are ready to put them into the oven.


Now, the best part of the Baked Potato Bar is all the toppings!! These are some of the goodies you will want to include on your grocery list. (grated cheese, broccoli and cheese, french fried onions, sour cream, chili, butter, bacon bits)


When you are ready to bake your potatoes, you will want to cook them long and low. Bake 350 degrees for 75- 80 min. I am often at church on Sunday mornings when I am ready to cook the potatoes so I set my oven on the delay start to come on while I am gone. Check out your ovens delay start settings. You can do some creative cooking with it.


Once you are ready to serve the meal you will want to get all those toppings ready. (I usually serve some fruit or bread to go along with the lunch.)


Take the potatoes out of the oven and place on some platters. (I slit the potatoes completely so that its easy for the guest to fill them with all the toppings.) I also offer a few sweet potatoes for those who have food allergies or if they prefer not to have the carbs.



That is it!! Easy, I tell you. And a hit!! Potatoes heat up well too and make great leftovers the next for day lunch.


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