Back to School: A Tribute to Teachers

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by Angela

We couldn’t end our Back To School Series this month without a special spotlight on one of the most important part of the classroom. The Teacher πŸ™‚ So if you are a public school teacher or a private school teacher or a charter school teacher, tutor, teachers aide, part time art teacher, homeschool teacher by day and Mom by night…etc You get the idea. You, who are helping a child learn you,  are special.  And I wonder sometimes if you just don’t get enough thank yous.

Thank you for your patience with a child who is teary and anxious on the first few days of school!

Thank you for your persistence to explain the math problem one more time.

Thank you for the smile and gentle reminder to the little guy who has a hard time sitting still.

I remember most of my teachers. Some just stand out in my memory because they were kind. I remember the teacher who read us books everyday after we came in from lunch recess. I remember my 2nd grade teacher who had an extra hard name to get right so their Last Name became one of our spelling words. Some teachers I remember because they challenged me and I learned and was stretched and was inspired. I am sure that I didn’t thank my teachers enough.

Thank you teachers, for your preparation and time you have spent over the summer taking classes and learning yourself- even during your vacation time.

Thank you teachers, for raising a bar just a little higher for your students to reach for.

Thank you teachers, for the extra time you put into the school day before and after the students go home.

As a parent, my kids teachers have blessed our family. This first grade teacher singing, “Happy Trails to You” every day as the students left her room. Greetings of big hugs and smiles. A homeschool co- op teacher passing on a passion for government and civics. Coaches and now a days professors who believe in and come along side cheering on efforts. Special I tell you, and I am not sure you always hear it!

Thank you, for being patient with students with learning disabilities.

Thank you, for giving your time to students when you also have children of your own at home.

Thank you, for sometimes making learning hard things fun!

I hope as this new school year is fresh and goals are set, that you are encouraged, teacher friends. I hope that when you deal with kids who might not respect you or parents who might complain that you remember the light bulb of understanding that went off in one of your students head that day.  I hope that through administrations changes and district standards that are new that you are gracious with your self! I hope you know you have a lot to offer students. I hope you know that you are special. I am not sure you hear that enough πŸ™‚

Tell a teacher thank you today!

Rachel and Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson hugs were the best!



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