An Open Letter to Young Wife

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Dear Young Wife,

As you are enjoying decorating the rooms of your new place. One that you and your husband are calling your own for the first time, I wanted to remind you about the master bedroom. I find that it is often the forgotten room. One that is last on the to-do-list. After all, the guest you have over see the living room and kitchen and that is where you want to make it just right! Sometimes it becomes the catch all room. Where the things you just don’t know where to put them go. Over the years it might be a place where you fold pile laundry, the kids toys end up and those boxes that don’t have a home are still there.

Oh, but let me encourage you to move up the “decorating the master bedroom” on your to do list. Make a new Board on Pinterest. Paint one of the walls a warm color. Decorate it to reflect you and your husband. Put up pictures of your wedding, your first date, memorable of your time together. Put in things that you both like. Make it inviting and warm. Add some candles and take out the TV. It is a sacred room after all. One that is special and shared just between the two of you. Fill the bed with lots of pillows. Make it a place to regularly meet up and talk. To pray at the side of the bed after a long day or in the early morning. To share together and linger in on Saturday mornings.

Then as the years go by young wife, the styles and maybe even homes will change, but resist the thinking of putting off decorating the master bedroom. Choose a new bedroom set. Buy some new sheets. Add those special touches that remind your husband how much you love having him at home. Make a place for him. Take away the distractions of life to have time just to reconnect just the two of you.

Off you go, go pin some more pins to your Master bedroom Pinterest board,  make your list and plan a shopping day! Will you surprise your husband? Or plan a date to go shopping together? So many fun details to plan!!!!

Love, Angela


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