Accessorizing the Capsule Wardrobe (Part 3 of the Capsule Wardrobe Series)

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By Angela

In my Capsule Wardrobe research it made perfect sense to me when I read that accessories can be added to your wardrobe pieces to mix it up and give different looks. Totally agree!! In my 7 years of being a Jewelry Lady I know this to be true. When comparing your clothes to a cupcake, accessories are your sprinkles:)

What I would classify as accessories

  • Jewelry of course 🙂 I will come back to that!
  • Shoes and Purses: They could be listed in a category all in themselves, and shoes are listed in most of the capsule wardrobe lists, including mine. See  Why I like a Capsule Wardrobe here. But, like the English language, shoes break the rules sometimes. Shoes can often complete an outfit or add a pop of color so in this case they can cross over.
  • Scarves: Scarves have stayed on trend for quite awhile! They add color, pattern and texture. Blanket scarves have been a great trend as it provides warmth in great patterns!
  • Belts: Belts are classic and seem to go back and forth in the trends between skinny and wide. There is a best width and placement of the belt that looks best on your body shape. I have pinned a bunch of examples outfits with belts on our Pinterest page!

    View More:

    Laura is wearing a skinny yellow belt that adds a pop of color to her outfit!!!

  • Hats: I am seeing more hats than ever lately! And not just the baseball hats for no hair washing days. I have seen them with business attire and outfits you would wear to meet a friend for lunch or run some fun errands!
    Hats Pic

    Laura (R) and Dana (L), friend and one of my jewelers on my Premier team are modeling these great hats!!!  These girls look adorable!!!

    Now for jewelry!! It gives the most options to mix and match! Here are a few examples of how one necklace can be worn with two completely different outfits!

    Rose Gold Jewelry

    Many necklaces can be worn in multiple ways too! (Premier Designs is know for their versatility). On the R, with the gray the necklace is wrapped around twice and on the L worn long with a navy shirt.

    Here is another:Same Necklace different looksHere is my friend and another one of my jewelers on my team Amy! These girls on my team have STYLE!!! She demonstrated perfectly how one shirt in her wardrobe can be changed with 7 different necklaces. Which is your favorite look?


Necklaces might bring the most eye catching differences to mix up your look- but if you are not always in a necklace mood- don’t forget the earrings (BIG is back in) and the layers of bracelets and watches!

Arm Parties

“Arm Parties” courtesy of my friend, and another jeweler on my team Nadia! She is the queen of arm parties 🙂

The accessorizing step of the capsule wardrobe allows you to be creative and show your unique style. Give yourself permission to try something new- You MIGHT just find you love it!!




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