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Hi! I am Angela.

Angela About

I am a Jesus loving Pastor’s wife, Mom and Jewelry Lady! My kids are growing fast into young adults, (Rachel- 20 and Josiah 16) and busyness has a way of changing in each new stage of life!

I love to accessorize- myself with jewelry and fashion! My home in décor and my cooking in fun recipes! Setting a good table makes me happy! Spending time in His word and being busy going about my Heavenly Father’s business, (Matt 24:46) brings me the most delight! My family has lived in Nevada for eight years and I get to serve alongside of my husband John at our church!

I add to our family income in my job as a Jewelry Lady for Premier Designs Jewelry! It is in Premier where I regularly see Grace lived out loud and been confirmed in how much the Lord delights in us!! He has designed us as women to be feminine, lovely, unique and expressive! I can’t wait to share here in this blog with how when we create in how the Lord has wired us in our homes, our roles in our family, through fashion and in our enjoyment of Him we can feel His pleasure and experience the fullness of His delight!

Hi! I’m Laura.

Family Picture B&W

Life is delightful, and the things I’ve learned along the way might be a delight or encouragement to you, and that is why I write.  I’m the gal who hears you’re going through something new, something challenging, something stressful and I come over and we teamwork it out!  I’ll be doing the same thing here, just blog style!

Who am I?  I’m a wife to Eric, (previous Air Force officer, current Engineer), mama to our children Eva, 5, and Malachi, 2 .  That’s who I am in connection with my family, but I also have passions of my own!

Currently serving at the local level of a world wide Bible Study, I teach seminars, and encourage women to passionately love Jesus.  I delight in organization.  I just love to cook and bake, but I also like to see how I can add deliciously healthy meals to our repertoire.

About our friendship:


The military moved Laura and the ministry moved Angela to the desert of Nevada.  It was there, in what some may call an unlikely place to live, that our friendship started! With Bible Studies and church in common, we soon learned we shared a love decorating and organizing parties, showers and women events! And putting our skills together we became a great team! We have traveled together, shared family times and take every opportunity to txt, talk, Skype and visit one another! Excited to add Blog Partners to our bff profile!!!

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