8,000 Days of Marriage

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Today my hubby and I have been married for 8,000 Days! I found out this fun fact through our shared calendar. He had marked it forgetting that we share a calendar and I asked him about it. He is sweet like that to note this fact! He likes countdowns and to know how many days of something- not just months or years.

Here we are on one of our recent date nights. He loves taking selfies with me!! Teehee ๐Ÿ™‚ Our date night these days are sometime planned, and sometimes spontaneous when our kids are busy and we go for a walk or out to eat!

Early on in maybe in the 1,800 day range we had a lot of what we called “At Home Date Nights”. As I put our little kids to bed, John would go pick up dinner at somewhere that had a to-go-option- so like Texas Roadhouse or Outback. Not fast food. Then we would set up a card table and have a Dinner Theater. You know, turn on a movie and eat our dinner! It was fun! And felt special and intentional and creative!

While John was in seminary (2,500 days) we had date nights in seminary class! Each semester I would visit one class night with him! It was fun to see where we would go, and learn firsthand with him! One semester, the seminary offered a Marriage and Family class and I went to every single class,ย through the Lords provision of a babysitter. In one of his last summer semesters, I went to a Hebrews class with him on Monday afternoons. The kids went to my parents and we would get a Sonic Lime-aide and head to class! Seminary dates signified exactly where we were in life. We learned together and took every moment we could find to be together!

The Days of 4,500 brought Date Days!! John has always had a day off during the week. So once the kids were older and in school, those days off became our date days! We would do exciting things like grocery shopping and errands! We would always do something special for lunch. Some days we went to the movies or on walks. And when we started homeschooling, we began going to Starbucks for Parent- Teacher Conferences ๐Ÿ™‚ Date Days were productive! We worked together to plan our days. We enjoyed one anothers company.

As the kids got older and Rachel could drive themselves to youth group, (Day 7,000 or so) our date nights turned into Wednesday Nights. Sometimes we did errands or we went back to getting take out and eating at home in our Dinner Theater! Sometimes it was a Frozen Yogurt treat and we spent time working through finances or ministry stuff. Wednesday Date Nights were weekly. Always went by a little too quick. A breath of fresh air in the middle of the week.

Many days…many ways to spend time together! I encourage you friend, find a date time with your hubby in your schedule! Be creative! Do small things and plan big things. Take every opportunity to be together!



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4 thoughts on “8,000 Days of Marriage

  1. Meagan H

    This is so encouraging. We’re in the 1600 range, and each stage brings its own challenges and joys (but I have to admit, I can’t wait until the boys are school age!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ruth

    This brought back so many memories for me. While we were still in the hundreds we began eating Sunday dinner in the desert. We loved trains and the AMTRAK came into town about 7pm. We would drive out of town with our card table, tablecloth and candles and build a fire near the tracks. By the time the train went by we would be sharing a mesquite grilled steak by candlelight. We would make up stories about who was on the train and wonder if the people in the dining car saw us. Some of the best days of our lives.

    • itssodelightful@gmail.com

      Love that Ruth!!! That is a wonderful and creative tradition! So fun that you thought of stories about the people in the train. Feel like that would make a great PBS show….a modern day couple, then a switch to people from all different times on a train ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!!!

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