Caramel Apple Pops

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by Laura

Tradition in our family for the first day of Fall, is making Caramel Apples.  

We decided to try something a little different this year and it was a HIT.  

First I needed to gather my supplies.  Normally I make caramel from scratch, but I didn’t have time this year. I wasn’t super excited about unwrapping 100 caramels, but when I got to the caramels in the grocery store Kraft became my best friend.  


YOU GUYS.  They have these caramel bits that you just add a little water to and microwave for 2 minutes.  So much better for mama and the dishwasher, (also mama).  I found some popsicle sticks and parchment paper for easy apple retrieval. As for toppings, I went a little crazy this year as you can CLEARLY see here:


Our apples were a little small, but the treat is a sugar fest so small is ok for me.  I started out by slicing off the ends which we cut in half for bite sized caramel dunkers, and then I was able to get three slices/apple of workable material.  I removed the seeds from the middle and extra stem/base but if you have one of those cylinder alligator teeth apple corer things this would be what you would want to use.  To insert the popsicle stick I started a slit with a knife and then the popsicle stick slid right in.    


We invited some friends over for Caramel Apple night and my friend wrote everyone’s name on their popsicle stick-totally helpful after they were all decorated, and then we dunked the apple into the caramel.  


Laid it on the parchment.  And went to town with toppings.  


The fridge firmed up the caramel in about 10 minutes and we were ready to taste test!  


Everyone agreed these were much easier to make and eat than the traditional apples.  Hope you guys are ready for fall!  



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Top Picks to Carry Over into my Fall Capsule

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by Angela

New season means a New Capsule Wardrobe 🙂  I start my new season capsule by shopping in my closet.  My hubby likes when I shop in my closet! It saves money right off the bat. I refresh myself what I had from last Fall and what I am currently loving in my Summer Capsule. Then I start by pulling those two things together. I then make a list of what pieces I would like to add.  These are my results from shopping in my closet with what I already had.



Cardigans may be my favorite things to add back in after a long hot summer.  They are just what I need to keep myself from complete summer capsule boredom the last few weeks of hot weather.  They are an easy way to add a finishing touch to complete my outfits and add variety with some of my tank tops, shorts and summer dresses.  Make a note of how your cardigans are looking. Do you need to replace some that are not looking so good? Do you want to add in a color that you know will go with at least 3 or more of your outfits. Add that color to your Capsule Wardrobe Worksheet.  cardigan-sweaters


Flannel Shirt-

I have taken notice in the few store catalogs that I get in the mail that flannel shirts are still on trend. I was glad to see this, as I liked my flannel shirt that I bought last Fall and was excited to add it back in. I have noticed a cute way they are being accessorized is by tying them around your waste with a comfy dress.  Little freebie- This adorable t-shirt dress is my new LulaRoe dress. It is a capsule must- have 🙂 I went over to Kirstin’s, my LulaRoe friend, and wore the dress home it was such a perfect fit.


Converse Style Tennis Shoes-

I like when on trend is causal. These comfy shoes can be added with your jeans, shorts (nice change from your sandals) and even your causal dresses (like my new LulaRoe Dress- so so so so cute!) They come in all sorts of colors- I went with a neutral color last year and am not sorry! The best known brand of this style is Converse,  but there are many other stores that carry some. These are from one of my favorite store- Maurices. converse-style-tennis-shoes


Tassel Jewelry-

Tassels are everywhere. And like with many trends I was skeptical of all this fringe and tassels at first. But it has stayed on trend. And it grew on me and I like it. It will add a new twist to some older pieces of my capsule by giving them an updated look.  Premier Designs Jewelry offers some fabulous Tassle Necklace Options. Each one of these necklaces pictured can be worn in multiple ways!


Don’t let the in between of seasons rattle you. Embrace the mix of summer and fall. Wear your jeans with your sandels, your hoodies with your shorts.  Soon enough we will be talking about our sweaters and boots!

Want to refresh yourself on the Capsule Wardrobe?

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Want to get in touch with a Premier Designs Jewelry or LulaRoe Consultant, comment here and we will get you in touch 🙂

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