10 Steps to Meal Planning Part 2

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by Angela

So as Laura said in her Meal Planning Post yesterday, the question you would get in the grocery store is Paper or Plastic? When it comes to meal planning Laura and I ask Paper or Computer? I like a mix of both 🙂 In some researching on Meal Planning Apps, I found that the reviews were mixed and not a very stable place to keep all your recipes.

If your phone stops supporting the updates or you get a new phone and the app doesn’t transfer smoothly there is a lot to loose in the storage of all your recipes. So for me, in my meal planning, I use a mix of some paper and some computer and apps.

So I give you my:

 10 Step Meal Plan Process

  1. I gather my Recipe Binder with the Recipe Capsule and Index, tablet with my Pinterest account and my phone where I have my calendar! 🙂 I like to gather my family too and have then put in some input of meals they are wanting 🙂Meal Planning
  1. I start by putting dinner plans into my Google Calendar. I like being able to plan right into my calendar either on my phone or computer, because the events of each day/evening are right there.  My hubby and I share our google calendar and he likes being able to see what is for dinner too. If our schedule changes I just move the meal to another day- so easy to do on the google calendar. Plus, I can easily refer back to my meals in the calendar over the past few weeks/ months.
  1. I use a Grocery List App on my phone. I like using an app for shopping as there is not much to risk in losing recipes like the Meal Plan Apps. My list is regularly changing – besides the staples,  and if you need to change to a new app it’s a way to start afresh. I like having it on my phone as no matter where I am I usually have my phone. If I think about something I need to add to the list, I add it immediately. I also try to add something when we run out. Try is the key word there!
  1. I go through my recipes and check what I have and what I need and add it to my grocery store list app. More to come later this week on what I like about my Grocery Store App. 68e61-outofmilk
  1. I generally plan for one week at a time sometimes two. When my kids were younger I would always plan for two weeks- sometimes a month.
  1. We generally eat the same things for breakfast/ lunch so those are just staples that stay on my list. I will make a note on the calendar if we plan for a special breakfast or lunch and add those things to my list.
  1. I then go through my calendar and double check to make sure I am not needing to add anything else. Potlucks, company, holidays, taking a meal to a church family and kids needing some food to go, etc.
  1. My Grocery Store App allows a place for “Other” so I will add in non-grocery items if I going to a store like Super Walmart. If I need a gift bag/ card or pillows- I like to have it on my list just in case, I can pick that up while I am out!
  1. I also like to check in to see how the toothpaste, shampoo, soap supplies, etc are at in the bathrooms and add those.
  1. Ready to go shopping! Armed with my list on my phone. If I need to double check my weekly meals it’s on my calendar. Meal Planning 2

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